We did a poll, a thing, in a group talking about the alpha male, what makes them so attractive? Why do we love reading about them so much?

This is what the Cambridge Dictionary had to say about them; the most successful and powerful male in any group and a strong and successful man who likes to be in charge of others.

These are some of the traits that we loved about the alpha male in the poll;

  • caring and sweet nature towards the ones they love
  • strong, a heart of gold, unselfish and protective
  • humour and a willingness to love his partner and friends unashamedly
  • tough and sweet at the same time
  • willing to be vulnerable with the right person
  • never stop fighting for what they want
  • have standards, code of conduct and conviction
  • loyalty
  • the ability to stand for the weak
  • they can read situations


Obviously, there's always going to be a negative to a positive, so here are some of the traits that we didn't love (there are only a few, we're a bunch of alpha lovers)

  • stubbornness
  • arrogance
  • unbending attitude
  • stubbornness (that needed saying again ;0)