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Sanctuary: A Gay Action Adventure Romance Series Boxed Set

Sanctuary: A Gay Action Adventure Romance Series Boxed Set

Five action-adventure bodyguard stories in the bestselling Sanctuary Protectors & Bodyguards Series.

The Sanctuary Foundation - a privately funded team providing witness protection for those in danger

Guarding Morgan

Morgan Drake witnesses a murder in an alleyway, and abruptly he's the critical part of the prosecution's case against the cop responsible for the crime. When Morgan's safe house is compromised, his handler sends him to Nik for safety, neither Morgan nor Nik could imagine that two weeks alone in a cabin in the woods could start something more. Something way more than just trying to keep Morgan alive and makes their heart race more than danger: Love.

The Only Easy Day

Joseph Kinnon, an active Navy SEAL, stateside for the first time in months, is determined to hunt down and kill the person who murdered his stepsister. Dale MacIntyre, a former Navy SEAL, is close to obtaining the evidence needed to put the same person in jail.

They both want the Bullen family brought to account, but one wants justice, and the other wants revenge. What happens between them, however, has nothing to do with either.

Face Value

Beckett Jamieson, AKA Robert Bullen, has been rescued by Sanctuary from a situation in which he nearly died and is left temporarily blind. Doctor Kayden Summers is the Sanctuary operative assigned to look out for him.

It soon becomes clear Beckett is the key to evidence left by his mom. Evidence that may well destroy the Bullen family. The two men become involved in a critical retrieval situation, and when bullets start to fly, there is only one thing between Beckett and death. Kayden.

Still Waters

Adam has to work with a man who broke his heart; the same man that didn't trust him two years before and destroyed their relationship in a single day. Lee is adamant that he needs to understand why Adam betrayed the Bureau, and the Bullen case is the perfect cover to get back in his ex-lover's life.

Against the backdrop of Sanctuary and the Bullen case, the two men realize not everything they'd seen was real, and if they can stay alive, then maybe they will get a second chance at love.

Full Circle

Josh Headley is desperate to find answers but is forced into witness protection after his dad, a convicted murderer, turns on the Bullen family. When Manny Sullivan rides in and rescues Josh just as he's about to do something that could get him killed, the two men end up on the run and in a fight for their lives.

When Manny risks his life could it finally be time for Josh to risk his heart?

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