2012 was the year everything got fucked up. LOL. For real. My publisher, Silver, absconded with a lot of my money, and I never saw payment for any Texas books, or my Sanctuary books 🙁 On a positive note, I released my first self published books – the short Love Is stories… this got me dipping my toe in the indy pub waters, and stood me in good stead when I abruptly received all my books back from Silver at the end of the year.

Books included: The Only Easy Day, Face Value, The Art Of Words, Still Waters, Full Circle, Child Of The Storm, Texas Heat, Follow The Sun, Book Of Secrets, Love Is In The Title, Love Is In The Hallways, Love Is In The Message, The Decisions We Make, The Journal Of Sanctuary One, How Much For The Whole Night?, New York Christma

I said in my last post (2011) that Sanctuary saved my house. This was because I managed to get out my first big self published book – Sanctuary 6, The Journal of Sanctuary One – in time for Christmas, and it sold well. Add in New York Christmas, and somehow we rode out Silver and made it out the other side alive.

One of the casualties of Silver was the Men of Halfway House series, book 1 of which I wrote with Reese Dante and which sold really well (not that I saw any money from it!). I handed my rights to that book to her and she continued on and made it a successful series. It was a relief I think, as it was way too tied into Silver and the mess I'd landed in.

I did, however, write Book of Secrets, which was the sequel to my first ever book, and one of my favorite books to write

My first co-authored book with Meredith Russell, The Art of Words, came out as well, the first of many to come.


The Journal of Sanctuary One is a classic Trapped in a Cabin story – one of my favorite tropes. Do you have a favorite trope in romance! Comment below for a chance to win.

Prize: An e-book from this featured year, or your choice from my backlist