I received notification of a post from Writer Unboxed (Full article here – http://writerunboxed.com/2014/04/25/how-you-fail-determines-how-you-succeed/) way back in 2014 and I wrote a post about it.

In this post the author suggests, “…[And that] the biggest risk is not in “only” selling 75 books, but in allowing a failure to become a conclusion, instead of a process toward success. And that the thing to be avoided at all costs is not low sales, but this internal narrative: “I only sold 75 books. I failed. I suppose I’m not a writer after all.”

My most saleable books are the contemporary books that I write. Things like my Single Dads series, Texas, Montana and the Sanctuary series, Ellery Mountain, that kind of thing.

But my first ever book was a paranormal — Oracle. Powers, and ancient energy, and the fates, and of course the Oracle itself. I am still so damn proud of that book, and of other paranormal books I have written, like Gallows Tree (ghost story alongside the story of a guy running from abuse) and the Fire trilogy (Kian etc.).

I could turn around and say I ‘failed’ at writing paranormal, because the sales for these will never match the aforementioned contemporary titles. I don’t look at it as a failure. I think, with the tenaciousness of a writer who has a story to tell, whether it sells or not, I wrote a sequel to Oracle, and two sequels to Kian.