The 911 museum.

I had every intention of capturing images from my day at the 9/11 museum. My first sight of the new tower took my breath away  and I captured it to show everyone. I took a couple of photos just inside (the last column and the huge mural) and then I stopped. I couldn’t bring myself to take any more photos.

The first thing you see inside the museum is the Vesey Stairs, also now known as the Survivors staircase.  These were a set of steps that led from 5 World Trade Center and the last point of escape for hundreds of evacuees. Then… it’s a harrowing but deeply moving museum full of artefacts from the towers to one of the fire trucks that survived the fall albeit half crushed.

The worst for me… phone calls from people trapped. 911 calls. The images of people taking the only way out.  And horrifyingly one of the windows from one of the downed planes.

A visit I will never forget for the rest of my life.