Sometimes I just need to close out everything, put my headphones on, and bang out the words. Some days this is so hard to do.

So I sprint. I use the timer above, sometimes I am alone, sometimes other author friends sprint along side me. Basically I just keep typing. If I have some detail I need to check (eye colour, surname etc) then I ignore it in this half hour and simply put a row of XXXXX where I need to fill in specifics and fact check later.

On a good day I can get 5000 words down in three hours (6 sprints) on an average day I can still manage 3000. The best sprints are when I am writing with others, but I can still use this method when I am writing solo. The feeling of success when the alarm sounds and I realised I have written 500 words, or 200 or even 1100, is like a personal pat on the back.

I also reward myself with a cuppa after every couple of sprints.

Also this is good for my shoulder as I time myself for regular breaks to stretch.

Do you sprint?