Hi everyone, welcome to the round up of news. I'm not well still and this is my way of easing back into the writing today… 🙁


Accidental Hero (Sanctuary #8) – Yes I decided to go there. Sanctuary 8 is Cain's story and you can find more information about it at the link. This will be a new story arc now the Bullens are dealt with 🙂
Max And the Prince is out 27 March
For A Rainy Afternoon is out 1 April
I have my ticket for GRL – San Diego, October, so that is Euro Pride Con, UK Meet and GRL in my diary for this year… 🙂

My wonderful new PA

I finally did it, I now have a PA to help me with the *back end* stuff for RJ Scott. It's been five years and I finally came to the realisation that I have to let go of some of the stuff that stops me writing.

So welcome to Janet who says she can organise me and says I will have more time to focus on my writing. I am beyond excited!

If you receive an email from rjscott.team@gmail.com then that is Janet, going about her business and organising the unorganisable!

New Releases

Max and The Prince is with you Friday (only four more days). This is book 3 in the Bodyguards Inc series and follows the story of Max, who we first met in the short story I wrote before Christmas.

Did you miss the short? If you did then it is here: The Curious Case of the Missing Stapler

Max is assigned to a Max-is-A-University-Student job which he is horrified with, added to which his charge is royalty in hiding. Not a good combination, and when death visits the University Max has to figure out who the murderer is before Prince Lucien becomes the next victim.

Max and the Prince will be available at All Romance and Amazon 27 March, and at other third parties shortly thereafter.

For a Rainy Afternoon will be available to read 1st April from Dreamspinner Press. It is currently available for pre-order from AllRomance and Amazon. It is book 1 in a series of 5 linked-by-theme books with the amazing Amber Kell, Amy Lane, Marie Sexton and Mary Calmes. I'm excited and nervous to be among such illustrious company… 🙂

Robbie runs a small Post Office made from a converted Station House in a village northwest of London and his world is rocked when he finds love in unexpected places. He inherits a sealed box which includes several rare first editions and a cookery book. Only when the secrets of the ingredients in a particular recipe are finally revealed does everything begin to make sense… and a love story that began seventy years ago is finally uncovered.

Work In Progress

My current WIP is The Summer House, book 1 in my English Hearts series. A man with the weight of titles and money meets a Veterinarian and abruptly his entire life changes.

Ashby ‘Ash' Sebastian Sterling-Haynes has had a lot of boyfriends, but he's never found the one.

Veterinarian, Connor Lawson is much happier working with animals than with people.

When Ash comes into the practice with a cat that has been in a fight Connor hides in his office because this Ashby guy is all kinds of dangerous. Too hot, too rich, too titled, and way too sexy for his own good.
Can two men who refuse to believe in love ever learn that love is the easy part of the journey to forever?

This book will be with you end May. 🙂

Retrograde – Flight HA1710

Book 1, in a linked–by-event series written with Amber Kell, Meredith Russell, Serena Yates, Clare London and Olivia Erikson. 

Co-Pilot Lachlan Donaghue wakes up in hospital, a survivor of the crash of Flight HA1710, with memory loss and the suspicion that he could be at fault for the tragic accident. When everything becomes too much he goes home to hide, back to the small Scottish town he grew up in and to his family home.

Rory Kendrick watches the news, sees every hour of the disaster unfold but never thinks that Lachlan was in the middle of it all. Or that his friend will be forced to come back home to hide and to heal. What Lachlan needs is a friend, not a lover, but sometimes the lines are just too blurred to make any sense.

Print Books

The Bucket List was released as an e-book in January and proved to be a popular book. I was so pleased with lots of wonderful reviews and comments. The book has just been made available in print.

Rainbow Gold Reviews – 10/10 – “….Beautiful and heartbreaking in one emotionally charged, well written novella.

….This novella, well I can’t say enough good things about this one. I loved it and would highly recommend this to you if you are looking for a story with some heartache and a whole lot of love….”

Bike Book Reviews – 5/5 – “….This book is a lovely little treasure that I can't wait for you to read! Thanks Rj for another beautiful read that will be at the top of everyone's re-read list!….”

Prism Book Alliance – 4/5 – “….Scott has the ability to write characters who are real without being over-drawn. She leaves many details just out of sight, because they are not essential to the core of her story. We are not handed great amounts of angst, nor are there horrific traumas unexpectedly revealed. Yes, there is a mystery that needs explaining; and there is sorrow in Mark’s youth that needs to be exorcised. Scott gives us just enough to help us embrace both Jason and Mark for all the good things they are, and to understand their motivations as they rediscover each other through their shared love of Andrew and grief over his untimely death.