The Apple Family

Life with my Mac, my iPad, my iPhone, iWatch… i'm completely connected, and totally sold on Apple. I'm an easy mark whenever Apple release something shiny.


A Brit without tea is unthinkable! LOL… but ‘a nice cup of tea' keeps me going – I probably drink up to ten cups a day and it's nothing fancy, teabag, hot water, milk (in that order!)

Notebook and Planner

Even though I am plugged into Apple products there is nothing that beats a notebook and planner to get a list of things I need to do. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing things off of lists!

My name is RJ Scott, and I am addicted to notebooks.

The view from my window

When we bought this house our priority was to have space for an apartment for Matt – he has the top floor of our three story house. Second on the list was something nice I can stare at when I'm thinking. I'd spent the first seven years of being a writer staring at a wall, now I have the park out of the window and it's cool watching the dog walkers, runners, and the way the weather changes the sky.

My husband, Steve

A while back, when things were beginning to get too big for me to handle on my own, my husband Steve gave up his IT business and works for the business that is Love Lane Books full time. He's the financial brains, but is my partner in decisions on pricing, sales, etc.

He also does all the shopping, cleaning, makes me lunch and dinner, and makes the most cups of tea in a day.

I'd be lost without him – he makes it easy for me to sit and write.