The next post from someone else who has to put up with me on a daily basis! Or is that the other way around?

From Vicky Locey:

Howdy, everyone! I’m always so tickled to be able to stop by RJ’s blog and visit for a bit and chat about this and that and share a few giggles. Which is kind of like my relationship with RJ! It’s also filled with chit-chat and laughter.I’ve been extremely fortunate to have RJ as my coauthor and honored to call her my friend. There’s never any drama or tempers, even when the Pens play the Rangers. It’s a joy to work with her, and I hope we can continue to bring you those MM hockey romances (and perhaps some other genres *wink-nudge*) for a long, long time to come.

I reckon as long as we can come up with ideas for our stories, we’ll be writing them. With two of us inspiration is never a problem. Either RJ is sending me messages about something she’s seen online that would be a great idea for a book, or I’m sending her things. We truly do get inspired by a wide range of things from songs to dogs to something a real player may have said. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Which leads me into my new release. How was that for a slick segue?! When I was sitting down to work out the details for Final Shot, Overtime #2, I was reading a powerful book written by a former NFL player at the same time. I had already known coming in what one of the major plot points would be, but as I read through this biography I was inspired to write a story that also included Dan battling an addiction to prescription pain killers. It’s a sad and horrifying side of sports that’s kept quiet but needs to have a light shone on it. So, I dove into Final Shot and put poor Dan through all sorts of hell. Does he come out on the other side clean? Well, I can’t say without spoiling so you’ll have to read the book to see how the Kalinski men fare.

How about a peek at the blurb?


Final Shot (Overtime #2)

Sometimes family is the light that leads you through the darkest parts of life. Living the dream. That’s been Dan Arou-Kalinski’s life for the past ten years. That life hasn’t always been an easy one though. Dan has worked hard to get where he is and has faced some major obstacles on his road to success. It’s not always been a rose garden being married to Victor, but his love for his sometimes thorny husband has no bounds. His career has given him years of great success, memories, and championship rings. Yes, fate has been kind to Dan Arou-Kalinski for quite a long time. Looks like destiny is about to start calling in some markers. The paybacks come due when a recurring health issue turns into a life or death situation and threatens to take him out of the game he loves

permanently. Then there’s Victor’s son Jack, a proud and out nonbinary preteen who is living a daily nightmare in a small southern town. Juggling two major life issues is taking its toll on him, and just when he thinks he’s found the path out of the woods, Dan will face an unexpected and devastating loss that will require all three of the Kalinski men to pull together to help each other through the dark times.

You can find Final Shot at the following fine retailers:

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And as a way to introduce you to the Kalinski men – Victor, Dan, and Jackie Blue – I’m going to give away two digital copies of Rebound, Overtime #1, to two lucky commenters. Just drop a note on this post to say “Hey!” and you’re entered to win. How easy is that?!


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