This week's teaser comes from Top Shelf (Boston Rebels 1).

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“I’m not a kid, Xander. I think you know that.” Before I could second guess myself, I rose to my toes and pressed my lips to his, taking him by surprise as he reared back in shock. For the longest moment, he stared at me, and then he raised a hand, cupping my face and rubbing his thumb on my cheekbone. I couldn’t move, or take my eyes off him, wondering if the heat in them was mirrored in my own.

“Jesus,” he muttered and in a smooth move, he pressed me back against the opposite wall and kissed me. Only this wasn’t a soft, gentle touch. It was hunger and lust and need, and it was a clash of teeth and tongues. I scrambled to grip hard to any part of him I could get to, just for balance.

He gentled the kiss, tilted his head, carded his hands through my hair, held me still, and I was done. I was not at all prepared for this kiss, and I don’t think he could have been either. He groaned into the taste of it, nibbling at my lip then tangling my tongue with his, and his cock was hard against my belly. I wanted to be higher. I wanted to climb him so I could feel the rigid length of him pressing against mine, and I tried to move, but he held me still.

Top Shelf

Top Shelf

Acting on the attraction to his best friend’s brother has always been off the table for Xander until a passionate hookup with Mason at a beach resort begins a love affair that burns long after summer ends.

Mason specializes in assisting same-sex couples on their journey to becoming parents and fighting every rule that blocks his way in the stuck-in-the-past agency that hired him. Living in his brother’s pool house is rent-free, and every cent he earns he saves for his dream—that one day he’d have his own company helping others. The downside is that he has to see his annoying brother every day, the upside is that his brother’s teammates from the Boston Rebels make regular visits. The eye candy that passes Mason’s window is almost enough to make him consider dating a hockey player, but not just any player though. Ever since Xander—his brother’s childhood friend—came out as gay at a press conference, Mason’s puppy love has turned into a burning attraction he can no longer ignore.

Hockey has been one of Xander’s main focuses since he was old enough to balance on skates. Well, hockey and Mason Kingsley, but Mason was always unattainable. Now that he’s about to see thirty candles on his birthday cake and is no longer hiding the fact he’s gay, he’s ready to find a soul mate to make his life complete. A summer vacation is just what he needs to have time to think, but when the Boston Rebels arriving in paradise with Mason in tow, thinking is the last thing he needs. One torrid night under a balmy moon and rules about not messing with his best friend’s brother vanish on a warm, tropical breeze.

Summer romances don’t generally last past Labor Day, but with the new season about to begin Xander and Mason are going to have to face the world and decide if their love is real enough to withstand everything.

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