So excited! I have a brand new ETSY bookstore for signed books… if you ever want a signed RJ Scott book then the place to visit is here:

So far it is a teeny tiny baby store – with some first in series, Texas, Montana, Single etc, Throwaway, plus a couple of translations – but I will be adding a book a day until we have the shop looking full! So you may want to bookmark the store or press the heart there to follow me when I add new books (and other goodies as they happen!)

BREAKING NEWS – Always (Single Dads 4)

Always is available to order from the shop – so if you are collecting the Single Dads books and you want a signed copy then you can order it directly from the shop

I will be sending out the signed copies of Always in April  [ebook is out 29 March]



Lives change in an instant, but with family found and forever love, there is always hope.

Impetuously putting his life on the line, Adam saved a child trapped in a car wreck and suffered career-ending injuries. Living with chronic pain, and at his lowest moments, he had friends who wouldn't let him give up, a family who had his back, and even though his future was different from what he'd always planned, he at least had hope. When Cameron and Finn land on his doorstep, he never dreamed that he would fall in love with the small family or that maybe he'd get to be a hero again.

Cameron goes from being a devoted husband to a single dad overnight. With his neatly planned future in ruins, he will do anything to make a new life for his son, even if it means moving to the other side of the country. Renting a room from Adam is the first step in making a home for him and Finn, but falling for the former firefighter was never part of the plan.

The shadows from Cameron's past might take a long time to touch this fragile future, but will he have to face the consequences alone when they do? Or will there always be hope?

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