RJ Scott



Lives change in an instant, and finding love might seem out of reach, until Adam meets Cameron, and sparks fly.

Impetuously putting his life on the line, Adam saves a child trapped in a car wreck and suffers career-ending injuries. No longer able to do the job he loves, he struggles to come to terms with his new life, and at his lowest moments, he wonders why he’s fighting for a future that is nothing as he expected. With friends who won’t let him give up and a family who has his back, he fights hard to find a new way of making a difference. Now he’s working with children who have lost family in tragic circumstances, and contentment is within his grasp.

When Federal agents arrest his husband, Cameron goes from a devoted husband to a single dad overnight. Heartbroken and homeless, he takes the offer of a job working maintenance in a beachfront gated community. It’s not private schools, chauffeurs, and maid service, but it’s safe, and despite everything, he and Finn have a roof over their heads. But, what if he fails at this new normal, and worst of all, his son ends up hating him?

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Series: SINGLE DADS, Book 4
Genre: Single Dads
Tag: Cover - Orange
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