2016 was another busy year. I got my rights back to Crooked Tree Ranch and immediately wrote books 2, 3, and 4 in that series. I also wrote my first MF books, Notes and Roses, and The Code (The Code was a hockey romance, which in a way is how I met VL Locey, but more on her in a later year post!)

Books include: The Agent and the Model, Notes and Roses, L'apparenza Inganna, Three, The Rancher's Son, Eaux Calmes, Kissing Alex, Boy Banned, Ice, A Cowboy's Home, Il cerchio si chiude, Cercle Fermé, Kyle, The Code, Il diario dei segreti, Il miracolo di Natale, Jeté à la rue pour Noël, Snow In Montana, Ein Weihnachtswunder, The Road to Frosty Hollow, Bodyguards Inc Volume 3

I had my first German Translation – The Christmas Throwaway, along with others in French and Italian, and also started a brand new spin-off from Texas – the Legacy series.

This was high angst – the most angsty I have ever written (Until writing Winter Cowboy!) and the three books dealt with strong themes of abuse, and prostitution, and homelessness, all connected to a place that Jack Campbell Hayes sets up on DD land.

This was balanced by the singing competition book, Boy Banned, a brand new Ellery book now that I had most of my Ellery books back from Pride, and a book with Meredith, Frosty Hollow, for Christmas.

I also did my first call for a Valentines' antho, opening it up to brand new authors, and that was a lovely way to give back.


This was the year I discovered Hockey Romance – and I've never looked back! Do you read sports romance? Do you like football? Hockey? Diving? Tell me your thoughts below. Comment below for a chance to win.

Prize: An e-book from this featured year, or your choice from my backlist