RJ Scott



Nothing is worth dying for—not even millions in diamonds.

Footloose adventurer Greg Drakowski used to live for the moment, but these days shadows of grief and guilt cling to him. Following one lead to the next, Greg crosses oceans at the very hint of riches beyond compare and doesn’t care that he rushes into danger.

When Greg’s research takes him to the cathedral city of Salisbury, and he meets Jon, he falls hard and fast, but his secrets could get them both killed.

Renovations expert Jonathan Ellis is part of Ageless Wood Restorations - three generations of knowledge and trade. Focused and hard-working, Jon finds value in recreating the elegance of the past, and it will take something - or someone - extraordinary to break into his enclosed world.

Greg And Jon face unknown dangers, but Jon knows one thing for sure. He has to stand by Greg if only to save the idiot from himself.

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Authors: ,
Series: SALISBURY, Book 2
Genre: Romance
Tags: Hidden Identity, House Renovation, Paperback - Romance, Releases in 2016
ISBN: 9781785640476
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