Narrated by Sean Crisden, The Rancher's Son tells the story of Adam and Ethan, here's what people had to say about it!

“The Rancher’s Son has a perfect balance of angst and hope. Ethan’s need to know what had happened, not only to his brother but to his own first love, gets the reader to empathize with him from the beginning. You will want to cheer him up until he gets the answers he needs.

The author managed to intertwine the characters from the previous book and the overall series plot with this particular volume without neglecting Ethan and Adam.

Sean Crisden did an excellent job voicing the characters.” – Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words

“R.J. Scott is an auto buy for me.  I have read her Texas series more times than I can count.  And a while back I had the chance to listen to the first book in this new series ‘Crooked Tree Ranch’ and I new that I had found a new series by R.J. that I would be following.  Plus Sean Crisden is one of my favorite narrators.  I said it about book one and I will say it about this one, but he can narrate my cowboys anytime.

…So here I am going along, then we are at the end and I am beyond words.  I’m sure I will not be able to love this book like I love so many of R.J.’s.  Then I’m at the end screaming that “IT CAN’T END NOW, I’M NOT READY.”  And all I can thinks is, not it can’t end now, I need more.  So yea just like most books of hers I have read I can’t wait to get the next one.  But here is the thing for me, I started this series in audio, and I don’t think I will be able to read the next, I need to listen, since Sean has brought this series to life for me.
I highly recommend this series, but I do recommend reading, and or, listening in order as characters from book one play a role in this one.” – Rainbow Gold Reviews

“The Rancher's Son is the second book in RJ Scott's Montana series. It picks up pretty much right after the end of book one, Crooked Tree Ranch, but with a much different tone. While the first book in the series was relatively light, with plenty of humor and only a bit of angst, this book takes a much, much darker turn into missing people, death, cops and lost memories.

This was spectacular! The narrator, Sean Crisden, is one of the best voice actors on an audiobook. Most of the characters are men, making it a trick to distinguish different voices, but Mr. Crisden does an exemplary job of it. Each voice matches the character to which it is assigned. Well done.” – Becky Condit

“Ok so I am not a huge audio fan, often i find these a little hard to listen to i struggle to stay focused with whats happening in the story, I'm happy to stay this was not the case with The Ranchers Son, Sean Crisden did a wonderful job of narrating the story and managing to keep me interested to the point where i was bummed it was over, I loved the storyline of this book some mystery surrounding everything and some great characters who are developed well, I really loved Adam and Ethan, and their chemistry. I was able to connect with the authors writing through the narrator, I am def going to start from book 1 and make my through the rest of this series, RJ Scott is a wonderful writer and im really excited to see what kind of journey her books take me on. The Ranchers son gave me enough to pique my interest in book 2 and keep me hanging for book 3!” – Under The Covers Book Lovers

The Rancher's Son

The Rancher's Son

A man without memories, and the cop who never gave up hope.

When he wakes up in the hospital, the victim of a brutal beating, John Doe has no memories of who he is or who hurt him. The cops can find nothing to identify him and he can't remember anything to help... except the name Ethan and one recurring place from his dreams. Two words, and they're not much, but it's a start: Crooked Tree.

Detective Ethan Allens has never stopped searching for the two boys who vanished. When a report lands on Ethan's desk that may give new leads, he jumps at the chance to follow them up. The man he finds isn't his brother, but it's someone who could maybe help him discover what happened twelve years ago.

What neither man can know is that facing the very real demons of the past could destroy any kind of future they may have together.

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