“I highly recommend this one to those who love their M/M romance with a nice mixture of humor, angst, hurt/comfort, and sexy times all rolled into one very enjoyable package … I loved this couple. I haven’t loved another couple so much since I first met Jack Campbell and Riley Hayes in The Heart of Texas.”

“The charming historic village setting was beautifully brought to life as a key thread running through the hearts and souls of all the characters.”

“A heartwarming – and at times heartwrenching – story of two men who were willing and able to look beneath the surface, to discover and hold each other's hearts.”

The Summer House

The Summer House

A rich playboy who lives for the now, and a Veterinarian who is ruled by his past, try to find a future together that allows for love.

Ashby Sterling-Haynes, the youngest son of a titled family, has had a lot of hookups but has never found someone worth keeping. When he meets introverted Veterinarian, Connor Lawson, he realizes this could be the man he's been waiting for.

Connor has a painful past and no room for an entitled rich guy in his future. Ashby is everything that Connor dislikes in a man and is way too sexy to be anything but a disruption to Connor’s peaceful life.

Both men refuse to believe in love for different reasons. Until they meet each other and a future together becomes real.

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