“A sweet, kind of quiet story of two guys moving on from their pasts together.”

“What a sweet story of healing and love…  RJ packed a lot in to a small space and I liked it all. A little plot, a little sex, a little travel, a little grief, and a little healing. She uses a delicate touch, giving us just enough drama from the past to keep it interesting, and some grief over Andrew’s death, but it didn’t get mopey. I liked it very much! Oh yes… That cover? Hello! So pretty!”

“I absolutely recommend The Bucket List by RJ Scott.  It heartwarming and thoughtful.  Its sweet, deep, and lovely.”

The Bucket List

The Bucket List

Did he plan for his best friend and his brother to fall in love?

Schoolteacher Jason has been left a bucket list of places and things that his brother, Andrew, wanted to visit or do, but never had a chance to. Attending a school reunion, going to England, and visiting London and Stonehenge, are all on the list. Jason is determined to cross everything off and, at the same time, work through his grief at his brother's death.

Closeted soap actor Mark Wesley is shocked when a blast from the past looks him up and devastated when he realizes he will never have a chance to make things right between him and an old friend. When he left town he'd never looked back, and is firmly in the closet, working on a soap opera and living a lie. Losing his friend is a shock to his system and forces him to re-evaluate where his life is going.

Together Jason and Mark agree to work on Andrew's bucket list, only Jason and Mark grow closer and passion turns to love. Was this Andrew's plan all along? That his little brother and his best friend should fall in love?

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