“I have to recommend this novel to those of you who love falling for the bodyguard or falling for the TV star. This is a great storyline fill with hot sex, psycho stalkers, wonderful characters and a very happy and wonderful ending.”

“RJ Scott has a way with character and world building that I’ve always enjoyed; and her stories are always such an immensely pleasurable non-guilty moment for me. I think this series is no exception, and many of her fans will be thrilled with these alpha bodyguards and their love interests.”

“As always, Scott’s writing captivated me. This book is smoothly written and paced well, minus a part or two dragged out for the sake of Logan and Adam’s relationship. The emotion and tension felt through this author’s words are wonderful. I love it. It’s why I continue to read her work.”

Bodyguard to a Sex God

Bodyguard to a Sex God

Bodyguard Adam Freeman draws what everyone else thinks is the short straw at the convention for a procedural cop show – as bodyguard to TV actor Logan Brady. Or as the Internet has labeled him, Logan ‘Sex God’ Brady.

Logan is taking part in a convention at a London Hotel for his show ‘Night Cop’ and someone is threatening his life. Adam gets more than he bargained for when his client combines coming out of the closet with them both trying to stay alive.

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