The Guilty Indulgence Book Club started four years ago after a group of us attended a reader's conference. We decided to start a book club and create a blog. We never dreamed it would get so big!

We have gained over three thousand followers between all of our accounts -blog, facebook, tumblr, twitter, goodreads, audible- and get an average of 10,000 hits monthly on our blog.

We still like to attend reader events. We've been at the Readers Appreciation Weekend (RAW) several times, Authors After Dark (AAD) a few times, The Novel Experience (TNE), GayRomLit, RomFest and the Indie Romance Conference (IRC).
We keep our focus on supporting authors we enjoy reading. Our list of “must reads” has become longer as we discover new authors. Since we love reading and we can't help but give our opinion, blogging is our simple indulgence.
We don't post negative reviews on our blog. We only focus on the books we'd recommend to readers. Books are very subjective so what one person likes, another may not. We attempt to tell what we like about a book so readers can decide if they might like it too.
We participate in the Hop Against Homophobia each year, as well as hosting the Hunky Days of Christmas and our yearly blogiversary blog hop each September.
We read everything! Here are some examples of our favorite books in each of the different genres we read.
The Indulgent Bloggers

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