Rainbow Gold Reviews

Hi everyone we are Rainbow Gold Reviews, and we are so excited to be able to guest post here today and fill you in on who we are and why we do what we do. So first and foremost I want to give a great big THANK YOU to RJ Scott for letting us take over her blog today.

Like I said we are Rainbow Gold Reviews, and we are fairly new to the blogging world. We debuted on March 31st 2014 and have been going non-stop since then, and I have to say we love it. We have a large number of RGR members, some of us review, some do art for books, but we all come together for one thing. Bringing awesome books to the readers. New books from new authors, new books from authors who are well known. Books that readers would normally pass up. Our favorites, both book and authors alike, along with author interviews, guest post, and giveaways. That is what you will find at RGR.

You will also find our three team leaders (also co-owners of RGR) Marc, Tanja, and Alina. And with each team member you will find our reviewers: Laura, Lorraine, Vivy, Beth, MtSnow, Anne, Aine, Anna, Lee, Dana, Tracy, Dawn, Nicki, Teodora, Eloreen, Karrie(our oh so talented artist, who does our book art pieces), Oscar, Adrian, Thorhkristen, Cyma, & Bethany(that's me).

Now here is how we are different from most of your blogs. Yes we review LGBT in all forms, from the tame YA to the too-hot-for-Amazon erotica. Yep, if its LGBT we will review it, but we are different in how we rate the books we read. We don't review in a 5 start rating system, we use a 10 pots of gold rating system. When we were in the planning stages we all agreed that 10 pots of gold gave us some room in how we wanted to read and review a book. This is a rating that has worked well for us, it gives us the freedom to really show how much we enjoyed a book, while also the freedom to honestly review that book. Here you can read a little more on how we rate our books.

We use a 10 point rating system with half steps to distinguish our reviews from each other more easily. Reviews that range from 6-10/10 (indicated with golden numbers on our rating scale above) will be featured on the blog (which would be 3-5/5 stars on Goodreads).

Our main goal is to share LGBT literature we enjoyed or saw potential in, thus while we might rate the rare books we really don’t enjoy somewhere else, we don’t feel this blog is the right place to do so. We will only post reviews for books that have a rating of 6 pots of gold and higher for our reviewers.

We don’t earn any money and do this just because we love this genre. It takes a lot of time to run this blog, so we want to focus on books we at least liked. Instead of using our reach to warn people off books we didn’t like at all, we want people to see our recommendations and find a reviewer with similar taste to discover new treasures of this genre.

The reviews we post will be fair & honest opinions of our reviewers, who will always try to give their opinions in a respectful and constructive manner <3

We LOVE this genre and are looking forward to interviews, guest posts, events and great books.

Which leads me to WHY we do this. Plain and simple, we love this genre and we want to praise the authors while giving the readers reviews on books that we love in hopes that they will go get that book, read it and love it just as much as we did. It's work and it's time-consuming, its stressful and hard work, but you know what? We would NOT change a thing, we love it, we love the books, and the authors and the replies that we get when a reader says “Great review, I am going to buy it right now.” We have all made new friends by starting this blog, be it fellow reviewers or authors, people who share our passion for what we read, and for that I know we are all grateful. Our hope is that we can reach more readers and show them just how awesome this genre is, 'cause it does ROCK!!!!!

And really when you take 24 reviewers on one blog, you are bound to find something to read. 😉


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