“Hey, hun,” RJ wrote, “how do you fancy writing me a small blog post … about your writing journey … writing MM in general …”

Oookay, so here we go. I’ve been writing stories since I was a kid, and because I discovered the Greek and Roman myths, along with the Greek classics, when I was about 11, I accepted the idea of two men or two women in love to be as natural as a man and woman. Therefore it didn’t come as a shock when I read Mary Stewart’s book, The Last Of The Wine, when I was twelve. Writing two men together, though, didn’t happen for years.

First, I discovered Star Trek [TOS], Star Trek fandom, and Kirk/Spock fanfics. Then Starsky & Hutch arrived, and that pairing inspired me and a friend to write my first fanfics – MM naturally – though my original stories were mostly MF. I dabbled in a couple of other fandoms, but then Highlander: The Series happened, and took over my brain for some years.

In between times, I was writing and submitting novels to publishers, without success. A friend suggested switching from trad publishers to the then-newish e-publishers, and recommended Ellora’s Cave and its imprint, Cerridwen. Well, we all know what happened to them… Now, years later, I have a collection of self-published works, two co-authored with the rather wonderful RJ, Heat, and Ice – and books with Manifold Press.

My stories range from novel-length like two of my favourites, Finders, Keepers, and Paradox, to shorts such as In The Dog House, and Sullivan’s Yard.

That’s my writing journey… As for writing MM in general, it isn’t complicated. The pairings I fell for in fandom are all formed of two very different men. Both are complete in themselves, strong and independent, but finding some element in the other that augments what they are as a couple. Exploring what brings them together, and the dynamics between them, are what attracts me to read and write MM.



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