Gods Own Country IMDBI've been spoiled this year, first of all, Love Simon, which was a wonderful coming out, YA kind of story, with a lovely happy ending and humor and a healthy dose of sweet.

Now I've just seen God's Own Country, which was a whole different kettle of fish, in a lot of different ways. It was darker in filming, had a grittiness that I thought suited the film really well. There was a reality in the farming scenes, nothing was glossed over, this was raw and untouched by the *cute wand*. The sex scenes were very real at all, the battle, the first kiss, and then everything else. I found John's character a little too miserable to start, but that only made his later soft smiles all that much better. Gheorghe, on the other hand, was positive and focused and I fell in love with him immediately. 

Farming is a hard life and there is a statistic I heard recently about the isolation of young farmers, with suicide statistics high, particularly GLBTQ farmers. This was a very positive way to reinforce that concept but at the same time offering future hope.

A wonderful film, uplifting in a way I didn't expect and highly recommended. 

Alec Secareanu and Josh O'Connor star in God's Own Country (2017)

IMDB – God's Own Country 

Spring. Yorkshire.

Young farmer Johnny Saxby numbs his daily frustrations with binge drinking and casual sex, until the arrival of a Romanian migrant worker for lambing season ignites an intense relationship that sets Johnny on a new path.



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