ThisIsHowWeIndie, RJ Scott, Gay Romance, MM Romance

It's been a tough few months in Romancelandia so it's lovely to see the community banding together to share the love. #ThisIsHowWeIndie is all about authors recommending one of their indie titles, here are the ones they picked…

I couldn't choose between The Christmas Throwaway, Guarding Morgan or  The Heart Of Texas

Amy Lane recommended Beneath The Stain

Elin Gregory recommended Eleventh Hour

Annabelle Jacobs recommended Bitten By Mistake

Eli Easton recommended The Second Harvest

Ruby Moone recommended The Mistletoe Kiss

Posy Roberts recommended Silver Scars

Riley Hart recommended Crossroads

Alex Jane recommended Home Is Where You Are

Keira Andrews recommended A Forbidden Rumspringa

Meredith Russell recommended Just Jack

Charlie Cochet recommended Love In Spades

Garrett Leigh recommended Misfits

AE Ryecart recommended Bernie

Kaje Harper recommended Like The Taste Of Summer

Tara Lain recommended Tackling The Tight End