I recall this because someone commented on it…

I probably need to add this to my *to do* list 🙂

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This doesn't happen often, getting a book idea in a dream, but when i woke up at 4am this morning I had a fully fledged idea… I immediately grabbed my iPhone and spoke to SIRI to create myself an email and this is what SIRI reckons I said:

Family is having the children taken away from spamming system whereby still practised future

. Agency parents and explain how the better off without

This is particularly restaurants assist me works sometimes house single parent given the chance future instead

Who thinks that this will be an amazing book? ROFLMAO! 'cause yeah, this is as coherent as I apparently get when I am half asleep and makes absolutely NO SENSE
Anyway, the idea is, that a team of *people* are given the names of kids to remove them from their families. This is because the children have a skill with *things* that only someone with knowledge of the future would know. This is an accepted practise and actually families are kind of proud if their child is chosen.
Except for *name here* who has recently lost his partner and the only thing left is the daughter they created together. AND… he is also part of some shadowy *resistance*. This would be contemporary but alternative world type stuff… like this actually happens in the world now… if you see what I mean.
I have no title, I have no names, but it appears that I do have another story to add to my list of ideas… rofl. I also apparently have a thought in my head about a tattoo… yes, I don't know why either…