A pretty-boy actor, an ex-cop bodyguard, and a stalker intent on murder. 

Bodyguard Adam Freeman draws what everyone else thinks is the short straw at the convention for a procedural cop show – as bodyguard to TV actor Logan Brady. Or as the Internet has labelled him, Logan ‘Sex God' Brady.

Logan is taking part in a convention at a London Hotel for his show ‘Night Cop' and someone is threatening his life.

Adam gets more than he bargained for when his client combines coming out of the closet with them both trying to stay alive.

Bodyguard Inc.

Book 1 – Bodyguard to a Sex God
Book 2 – The
Ex Factor

Book 3 – Max
and the Prince

Book 4 – Undercover

Book 5 – Love's Design
Book 6 – Kissing Alex 

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A selection of new reviews from today's book blast tour

Series review from Padme's Library – each book easily deserves a 5 bookmark rating.

Another great series by Miss Scott. … Some say that relationships that are born during times of crisis and danger are not always everlasting but I think relationships, be it friends or lovers, can be built at any time and in these tales the author shows us how true it can really be.

Xtreme Delusions – One hot bodyguard + one hot actor = happy reader.

I was intrigued by the story line and the setting at a science fiction fan convention. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to attend one and the behind the scenes glimpse we get in this book was interesting. Throw in the sexy time between Adam and Logan, the threat to Logan and the crazy fans and I didn’t want to put this one down until I finished it.

Bayou Book Junkie – Highly recommendable!

This book was really enjoyable, the romance was steamy, the main characters were lovable and the stalker storyline was well done and had some twists I didn't quite see coming.

Making It Happen– Bring on book two!

The story flows really well, and I flew right through it without even realizing how much time had passed. A truly enjoyable read with a very satisfying ending…I'd definitely recommend this to M/M romantic suspense fans! … 4.5 stars for Bodyguard to a Sex God, and this one's for those 18+ for adult language and M/M sexual situations.

Bookaholics not-so anonymous 4/5 “… quick and satisfying. Four stars.”

There's a connection between the two of them that I liked because it wasn't always overly sexual. They're genuinely interested in one another and they've obviously never felt about anyone what they're beginning to feel for the other. I figured out who the stalker was from the moment they were introduced to the story, but I did like the twist thrown in because it did give this bit of a teeny, tiny pause.

RJ Scott did a great job of keeping me guessing who
the bad guy was going to be. … I’m looking forward to reading more of
the books in this series.

Southern Babes Book Blog For the first book that I've read from this author, I really enjoyed it.

Adam and Ross' stapler is just great. I can't wait to read about the other bodyguards