I have been lucky enough to count five years of writing MM Romance and along those five years I have seen quite a lot. From publishers imploding to others growing, to self publishing, fights with Kindle, fights among authors, fights just for the sake of it. I've seen the *women can't write MM* twaddle raising debates regularly every few months and the old *publisher versus self publisher* debate which seems to be predominant in between.

I learned a very valuable lesson at the end of 2012 and despite my innate Englishness (no that isn't a word) and amazing ability to apologise for everything, I have somehow learnt to value myself as a reader and a writer. When I met up with some UK authors last week we called it *not apologising* for our successes.

Authors talk a lot to each other, about posts and reviews and this business we call writing, but after five years I have barely skimmed the surface of the things some people tell me. Now we have EC imploding, other publishers diversifying, still more new ones popping up at least twice a year.

So I started this little series of *advice* posts. Just bits and pieces I picked up, nothing too deep or serious, but you never know what might be interesting.

All my advice posts can be found under the advice tag – Advice Tag

So, here are some of the most read ones:

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Are you a new writer? Do you need advice or support? What would you like to know? What advice would you like from existing authors?