I have had some wonderful reviews for Accidental Hero. I was nervous about this book because not only do people seem to love the first seven books, but writing in the series after such a long break was nerve wracking!

Seems like I needn't have worried, an ARe best seller, a top twenty book on Amazon, and some of the most wonderful reviews…

Thank you to everyone who bought, commented, emailed, facebooked, twittered, and reviewed… Love you all.


The reviews in so far…

Multitasking Momma 5/5
“… I never thought I would enjoy this story as much as I did. Especially the ending. That was a WOW! … This book. Ms RJ— you rock! …”

Rainbow book reviews
“… It was wonderful to return to the world of Sanctuary, with its mystery, suspense, and dark plotting by criminals who are always (eventually) put in their place by the wonderfully diverse team of Sanctuary agents and those they work and sometimes fall in love with. And even though this the first book in an entirely new group of stories, centered around the newly established Chicago office, some of the earlier characters made an appearance, and it was great to see how they were doing as well. Front and center of ‘Accidental Hero’ are Simon, a Chicago cop who is too honest for his own good, and Cain, who is in charge of setting up the new office, as well as providing admin and tech support. Neither of them set out to be heroes, hence the title, but both of them turn out to be far more courageous and talented than anyone would have expected. It makes for an intense and very satisfying ride! …”

MM Good Book Reviews 5/5 hearts

“… RJ Scott is one hell of a writer and has always given a story that pulls you into a world that just calls you. She is one of the three contemporary authors that are on my auto-buy list. And it doesn’t have any paranormal to boot.

I think I liked this even more than the other ones, because of the fact that Cain is not a field guy, he is the tech guy. He can make invisible cages, all of the stuff for secret agents, it would seem. However, he is the one that stands up and helps someone. …”

Sexy Erotic Exciting 5/5 handcuffs
“… Simon and Cain were phenomenal characters. Both of the men were mysterious and chivalrous and sans any overbearing qualities. Ms. Scott’s writing was focused on the task at hand with the end result of the book leaving me yearning for more. The mystery is left wide open for subsequent books as old characters are an important part of the second volume of the series, and new characters are introduced. …”

* * * * *

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