Review from RJ Scott MM Romance Author Star wars The Empire Strikes Back 1980s moviesThe 1980's was certainly the decade for movies that will live with me forever. I saw Dirty Dancing six times in the cinema – Yes, I was that girl. I loved romances and one of the biggest romances of the decade for me was The Empire Strikes Back.

Wait! I hear you yelling that was Sci-Fantasy, and yes, of course, it is, but OMG the scene in the Falcon when Han and Leia kiss… he was the bad boy, she was the princess, and to this day the film is my favorite movie ever. 

The way Han holds her, and flirts with her, and teases her, and the way she was feisty yet confused… sighs… beautiful

I love to try and capture that intensity in kissing scenes, and it needs a big buildup to be really effective, but there is nothing like that perfect first kiss, be it tender, or angry.

Die Hard. The Lost Boys, The Breakfast Club, and all the other brat-pack films. Lethal Weapon, The Living Daylights. Ghostbusters. Raiders of the Lost Arc. So much good stuff… The films were all bright color and brilliant special effects, and science-fantasy was kind.

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Meanwhile – do you have a favorite 80s movie?

You can see the scene from TESB here:

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