Lethal Weapon

Like Die Hard, this isn't a story about Christmas, more a film set at Christmas. I love the sleigh bells, the tree, the cat, the dog, the buddy buddy, the fight in the rain, Mel's acting (even though he's a dick, back then he was sex. Just that. Sex.)

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Die Hard

Such a Christmas Movie even if it doesn't seem like it at first sight. The music, the lights, the absolutely perfect hero movie…


A Christmas Carol

Possibly one of my most loved actors in one of my most loved adaptations of A Christmas Carol…

Enchanting, gorgeous, and quite possibly the only time I have fancied Scrooge.

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The Holiday

I wish everyone in England lived in a village… in a cottage… with snow… at Christmas… sadly that doesn't happen but I like that Hollywood thinks it does. This story is predictable and therefore is a perfect Christmas romance with a Brit and a American swapping homes for Christmas…

Would love to see this remade as a gay movie. Who's with me on that? Actually I would LOVE to write this as a gay romance… sighs… IMDB Link

Love Actually

So much yummy British Goodness set at Christmas where Hugh Grant is an awesome single Prime Minister. Cliche and saccharine sweet but the real reason I love this so much is the poignant story of the sister who has the additional needs brother.

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White Christmas

Now this brings back memories of when I was tiny and there was a choice between two channels on our TV and they would show a Christmas film, either a James Bond or White Christmas… or The Wizard of Oz come to think of it.

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The Snow Bride

Made for TV Hallmark Channel, and perfect with a glass of wine and some chocolates, predictable and snowy christmas story… sighs…