An alternative career for me… LOL

So, my daughter has just transferred after finishing her second year studying English Language at Cardiff University, to a completely different degree course – Archaeology. She loves the history of language, of culture, of peoples, and I think she will be so happy in this new degree.

Of course it means another year she has to *retake* but she's already studying texts for the new term start in September. It's fine, she is young enough to choose things that interest her, she has her whole life ahead of her and parents that will support and love her whatever she chooses to do.

(Does anyone else here think back to the nostalgic days of being 20 again!)

It got me thinking about the choices I made, and how, even though I wanted to be an author, I didn't have the tools there so that I could be.

I've always wanted to be a writer, an author. I mean, the single best thing that ever happened to me at school was writing an English essay that had my class laughing along with the humour in it. (Possibly the only highlight at my all girls school. LOL).

But, you know, back in 1986 when I left school after A Levels, we didn't have the Internet (and God, I sound like my mum), or Kindle… To be published you had to long-hand write a manuscript and send it off, and the kind of thing i wanted to write was to Harlequin Mills & Boon, romance. I had my three chapters, I had my synopsis, but I never sent it off, because, *life*.

I had a job in… a bank as a trainee manager, an assurance office, local government x 2, a spreadsheet person, a software trainer, and finally ten years as a web designer (where I at least got to be creative).

My career however, the one thing that I would have loved, was to be an author. And now I have that career. I am an author, a writer, and after 20 or so years I am finally doing what I love to do.

I hope Briony has the same luck in life, only a hell of a lot earlier than I did!

And off I go, writing Kyle, and having the time of my life… 🙂