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Today is World Mental Health Day.

This year's World Mental Health Day – which takes place on 10 October – shines a light on schizophrenia. If you follow the link above you can see all the different areas of mental health that is shown. 
I wrote a post about depression when we lost Robin Williams and this can be found HERE
I suffer from depression and anxiety. Most days I am fine. Some days it is like I am dragging a heavy weight around with me and I struggle to get the characters and stories in my head down onto paper. 
I don't go around wanting to discuss this all the time. My friends and family know how I feel and they quietly support and understand me. 
But… sometimes talking is exactly what we need to do. I couldn't say that I promise to understand anyone else's depression – most of the time I don't understand mine. But I know it's important to listen to others and that talking and admission is where the journey starts.
Hugs everyone… everywhere…