Winter Cowboy, Wyoming book 1, Whisper Ridge, Cowboy, Ranch, Doctor, Family, Small Town Romance, RJ SCOTTOnly a few days to go until the release of the first in my Wyoming stories. 

I am so excited for you to meet Micah & Daniel, and visit the Lennox Ranch and the town of Whisper Ridge.


I crouched down and brushed snow from a bush, the branches brittle with cold, and wondered why the hell I needed to see what was under the snow at all. When I stood, the weight of the gun in my pocket was more than I could handle. I needed to get rid of it, and there was only one place on this ranch where it might never be found.

Jumping the iced creek, I then took a detour behind the ranch house. My jeans were wet through, and even though I’d layered to hell and back, I was still cold. My lip burned where I’d covered it with my scarf and then the blood stuck it there. Just my fucking luck.

One last thing to do.

I found the brick and wood structure, snow banked to one side of it. It was padlocked in four places. I brushed the snow off the nearest lock and shook it, wondering how the hell I was going to pick the lock, but I didn’t need to. The wood it was attached to disintegrated at my touch. So much for stopping someone from falling into the ranch well. Below the wood, the well sunk hundreds of feet.

I took out the gun and stared at it for a good minute. I had a hundred scenarios in my head where members of the compound came hunting for Rachel and tried to take her. Would I shoot them? Was I even capable of that?

For my family, yes.

I needed it to go, to be lost as evidence, or for me to use against anyone. I levered up the well cover as best I could under the broken lock, careful not to break any of the others, and then dropped the gun, waiting for the splash, hearing it and dropping the wood back in place.


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