A Canuck Crosses the Pond for her First UK Meet

Hi, I'm Selina Kray, 100% genuine Canadian, newbie to the world of LGBTQ+ romance, and so grateful to RJ for inviting us all to her blog.

This will be my first UK Meet, my first conference as an author full-stop, and I must confess there's a healthy dose of trepidation mingled in with my excitement. Most authors are introverts (over here!), and going to an event where you don't know anyone can be intimidating. But that, at least, I've done before.

Fifteen years ago I made the trek across the pond for a far different sort of conference: “Blood, Text, and Fears”, an academic conference devoted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the University of East Anglia. I'd submitted a paper that was rejected, but decided to go anyway, to try and connect with some of my people, aka geeks. Off to Norwich I went!

I'll never forget cowering in my spare dormitory room that first night, listening to people chat in the hall and working up the courage to introduce myself. Fortunately, one big-hearted woman took the initiative and knocked on my door. What followed was a fun, engaging, altogether brilliant weekend. By the last night, a group of us shared a pizza in the local sci-fi memorabilia shop while watching the latest episodes Buffy. I ended up meeting one of my best friends for life (Hi, A.!) and getting an unwitting preview of what would become my future means of employment (editing and translation).

It's fair to say I have even higher hopes for UK Meet 2016. Though I am still an introvert and a geek, I couldn't let another year of pictures, retweets, and testimonials on social media go by without getting on a plane and joining the fun. Not to mention so many of my favorite authors will be in the same place at the same time. (Will this cause a break in the space-time continuum? TBD. Let's keep the Doctor on call, just in case.)

So if you spot me, don't be shy to come say hello. And please forgive me if I don't respond right away to my pen name—this is its first real field test. And if you pop by my signing table for a chat, there may be a piece of authentic maple syrup candy with your name on it. Or two. I won't judge.

I look forward to seeing you all and to a great event!

About Selina Kray

Selina Kray is the nom de plume of an author and English editor. Professionally, she has covered all the artsy-fartsy bases, having worked in a book store, at a cinema, in children’s television and in television distribution, up to her latest incarnation as a subtitle editor and grammar nerd (though she may have always been a grammar nerd). A self-proclaimed geek and pop culture junkie who sometimes manages to pry herself away from the review sites and gossip blogs to write fiction of her own, she is a voracious consumer of art with both a capital and a lowercase “A”. Her romances have intricate plots, complex characters, and lots of heart. At present, she is hard at work on future novels at home in Montreal, Quebec, with her wee corgi serving as both foot-warmer and in-house critic.

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Like Stars, an historical M/M romance

What if your true love walked back into your life five years after his death?

Nathaniel Thredgold has finally returned from the war. Or has he? His lover, Wesley Douglas, isn’t sure. Wesley must put aside his engagement, his disbelief, and his anger to give his professional opinion. The truth about their relationship isn’t an option. But is this stranger really the Ravensworth heir and Wesley’s long-lost love? When your heart’s at stake, there’s no room for doubt.

Set in the Edwardian era, Like Stars is a tale of mysterious identities, scandalous family secrets, and lovers in a dangerous time.