Today I welcome DJ Jamison to the blog, and after reading her post I'm hungry!

M/m-mm… A tasting menu of food and books for GRL 2016
You’ve no doubt tried out a tasting menu pairing wines and delicious cuisine. Well, today we’re going to change it up. I may be a convention newbie, but I’m also a former Kansas City resident, so in honor of GRL, I bring you the m/m-mm tasting tour. (And sorry, but everyone knows about barbecue, yes? So, that won’t be on this particular list).

Wrangle some cowboy … food.
Kansas City is in the Midwest, which means … we like our beef. Both the men and the steaks 😉 So, here’s the pairing:

Houston’s, a fabulous steakhouse in the Country Club Plaza area of Kansas City, will go nicely with: the GRL-themed anthology “Unconventional in Kansas City,” put together by Carol Lynne, TA Chase, Stephanie Hecht, Devon Rhodes and Jambrea Jo Jones.

If anthologies aren’t to your taste and you’d rather sink your teeth into a nice, meaty novel, try out the “My Cowboy” series by ZA Maxfield. If you’re reading this blog you already know RJ Scott has plenty to offer this subgenre.

Find some Southern comfort

We’re in the Midwest, you say. So what? Kansas City is an awesome city with tons of cuisine, some more worldly than others.

Beignet in City Market in KC, a New Orleans style cafe with sweet and savory offerings. The specialty, of course, is the beignet. These tasty delights will go well with the Bayou Dreams series by author Lynn Lorenz (think werewolves of the South). Another m/m favorite of mine with a decidedly southern flavor is “Hainted,” by Jordan L Hawk.

Bring on the Spicy!

Kansas City has its share of spicy delights. But I am in love with Thai food, so that’s what you’re getting on my list.

Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop is my go-to spot, with a great menu of dishes. My favorite, of course, is the Rainbow Peanut Noodles. You can’t go wrong! And with spicy food, you need a spicy romance. You can’t get much spicier than Lisa Henry’s dark, sexy reads. “Bliss” and “When All The World Sleeps” are two of my favorites. But be forewarned, there are BDSM elements in these stories, and they are not for the feint of heart!

Get something sweet

If you can’t handle the heat, then you’ll want something sweet. (Or maybe you’ll just want dessert to go with all that sizzle).

Get creative at Glace Artisan Ice Cream (just south of the Plaza). Try anything from Mint Julep to Indonesian Cinnamon! While on your sugar high, you’ll want a book with sweet angst and a happy ending. I recommend Heart Trouble, by DJ Jamison. (I couldn’t do this whole blog without any self-promo, could I?) Though it’s part of a series, you can read Heart Trouble as a standalone or find the series on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited.

Refresh with farm fresh …
While it’s tempting to eat breakfast at the hotel every day, you won’t want to miss this delicious treat. Try to get out at least once for a brunch or lunch.

The Corner Restaurant in Westport partners with area producers and craftsmen to keep the menu fresh and seasonal. You’re likely to find game sausage on the menu, along with you more traditional fare of ham, bacon and chicken. You’ll also find Fried Green Tomatoes and other vegetarian delights.

While you’re enjoying creative, farm-fresh recipes, you can kick back with Posy Roberts’ Naked Organics series, “Picked Fresh” and “Farm Fresh.”

I hope you enjoy a tasty tour of both food and m/m romance when you visit Kansas City. See you at GRL!

Buy Links for Heart Trouble: Amazon US Amazon UK 

DJ Jamison is the author of the Ashe Sentinel Connections m/m romance series. You can connect with her on social media by joining her group DJ and Company and/or sign up for her mailing list: and receive a free book.