Velocity (Flight HA1710 #2) by Sara York | | All Romance eBooks

The crash of Flight HA1710 brings life into focus for Phil Stewart. Before meeting Davin Tierney, love seemed only a myth to Phil, but one night in New York City changed everything, giving him something he didn’t even know existed. But Phil wasn’t comfortable saying I love you. During the crash, Davin suffers a brain injury, leaving him in a coma. Phil wonders how love can be so cruel to give him Davin and then take him away so suddenly.

Davin never intended to give Phil a second look, but Phil broke through barriers and made amazing overtures before stalling on the word love. The crash changes everything, and he’s no longer willing to play it safe, but can Phil actually change from the playboy Davin first met?

Flight HA1710 series 


The day after the crash

Phil woke in a cold sweat, the sheets and blanket pressing down, keeping him from drawing in a deep breath. He struggled to sit and failed miserably. Searching for the bedside lamp, his fingers scraped against cold metal. “Ouch,” Phil whimpered as he jerked back and curled into a ball.

Flashes of trauma and death came to him. He flinched and closed his eyes, trying to block the bad memories, but they wouldn’t go away. The cacophony of metal bending and breaking filled his ears. The overhead baggage compartments opened and he covered his head, crying out for Davin, but it was no use. Chaos filled the small space as they tumbled and jerked. Then one piece of luggage came flying from a few rows in front of him and slammed into the man beside him—the man sitting in the seat Davin was supposed to be in. Phil gasped for breath, fighting to forget as he clutched the sheets close. Tears filled his eyes and sobs clogged his throat.

It wasn’t just a dream or a distant memory. He still had no clue where Davin was or if he’d even survived. How long had it been? Hours, days? Desperation threatened to overwhelm him. He sucked in air, forcing himself to calm.

A steady beeping broke through the roaring in his ears, and then he heard more noise. A light flipped on and he blinked at the brightness, trying to focus on the person who’d entered the room. A woman, tall, slender, maybe a few years older than he—though he couldn’t really tell—stepped into his view. She was wearing nurses’ scrubs.

He shivered and tried to keep the bile from rising. Was Davin really still missing? Had his lover been helped out of the wrecked plane or was he cold, his body zipped in a black bag they used after tragedies like this? Phil needed to know, but he feared what he’d find. Davin was his heart, his soul, and they’d only just begun.

“Did you find him?” Phil asked as the nurse came closer. Somehow, by some strange miracle, he’d remembered to ask about Davin when he’d come in to the ER. After surgery to repair his leg that had been stuck between rows of seats, he’d asked again. He’d been barely able to think, but Davin was all he cared about.

“Dear, just lay back and relax. It’s the middle of the night and I’m calling around, but I haven’t found him yet. There are a couple of patients who haven’t regained consciousness, or he might have been taken to the Ulster.”

“Let me look at the people who are unconscious.” Phil struggled to get up. He needed to find Davin because nothing would be okay unless he found him and told him everything—the truth about his feelings. Fuck, he’d not said the L word once, and now he desperately wanted to tell Davin that he loved him.

“Sorry, we can’t have you getting up and running around. Your leg won’t take the weight, and you need the rest.”

Phil tried to sit up again, but the nurse placed her hand on his chest and he folded, sinking into the sheets. Desperation filled him as he searched for some way to get past the nurse to Davin.

She frowned and her hand on his chest pushed harder. “I’m going to give you something to help you sleep.”

He struggled to get up, but it wasn’t any use. “No, I need to find him.”

The nurse did something to the IV beside him and the dark claws of sleep reached up, pulling him under. He didn’t want to go but was helpless against the waves of exhaustion washing over him. Sinking into darkness, memories of his and Davin’s past flew by, and he followed, seeking out the things that made him feel better.