An Anti-Valentine's story

Stupid Cupid

With horrid Valentine's Day experiences, Preston Larkin hates the holiday with a passion to the point he prefers to be drunk and unconscious. Heading to a club, SideWays, he plans to drink and dance until the 15th. He didn't expect a cute admirer to alter everything.

Adoring Lark from afar for over a year, Colin Gabriels finds the courage to buy the man a drink, dance the night away, and take him upstairs to the private rooms. His expectations of the man isn't matching the reality. Things falter the next morning, but Preston changes everything.


“I want you to meet my friend and an admirer of yours. You can’t scare him away.” Eddie lifted and waved a hand.

Preston stared into the clear liquid, but glanced to the side. A young man broke free from the sweaty, dancing crowd, tripping over another who got too close, and almost stumbled. Within seconds, Preston caught the young man before his head smacked the counter.

“Nice entrance as always,” Eddie said as the other man laughed and got himself on his feet.

“You know me. Always like to make an impression until I stick my foot in my mouth and screw up,” the younger man said. His green eyes were bright and shining under the lights. He wiped his hands off with a proffered napkin and shoved them through curly golden brown hair.

“Colin, want a Red Bull with tonic?”

“Yeah, thanks, Eddie,” Colin said.

Preston leaned an elbow back against the bar.


Turning at the mashed words shouted higher than the music, Preston quirked an eyebrow.

Eddie broke out laughing as he gave Colin a new one. “Yes, this is Lark, Colin. Lark, this is Colin.”

“Lark is my name when I’m behind the bar.” Preston checked over the lean young man in tight black pants, sky-blue mesh shirt, and black shoes. Perfect club twink.

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