So I’m back from UK Meet.

Amber is going back to the US today, Meredith went home yesterday, and I have Sanctuary 8 (Accidental Hero) to write. It’s kind of all back to normal from tomorrow… *sad face*.

UK Meet is one of the highlights of my year, because I get to meet with friends in an inclusive, friendly, fun space.

And that is the message that everyone reading this should take.

It appears everyone, attending or not, has their opinions on what they think UK Meet was about. This is what I have to report:

Friends – Just a small note – Amber Kell came over from the US. America guys. All the way from over the pond to visit us and meet online friends and fans, and she wouldn’t have been here if not for the UK Meet! Steps off soapbox

Back to friends. I love that wherever I was in the hotel, or outside, there was someone to talk to. A shared glance that spoke a million words over a glass of wine, a throwaway comment that didn’t need to be explained… those are the kinds of things that I loved. I feel relaxed and at ease, and I love just how easy it was to join a conversation and not worry about what I was saying.

Meeting with friends was the biggest thing about UK meet. I talked to all kinds of people about publishing, and cover art, and editing, and story ideas, and I had feedback to any of my strange and wonderful ideas from real people! I met fans and hugged them, and loved on them, and met online friends that mean so much more to me now we've seen each other face to face…

The Fan fiction table…

…wasn’t really a table, LOL, and it was in a room that was a little noisy, but I spoke to at least two fan ficcers who wanted to move to original fiction and along with Becky and MA, I think we can count that as a win.

Choir, drag queen and naked Butlers…

… was awesome. I have so much I want to say about the crap floating around, but to do that takes away from the wonderful time I had. All I would say was that everyone has their own opinions, and I’d like to point out how difficult it was to take photos of the drag queen and the amazing choir that we could post…. A) I was at the back of the room, and B) There were people in the way with white lanyards (meaning they didn’t want their photos on social media – understandable). So, group shots were impossible. I posted a video of the awesome choir, and of the drag queen, and I had to focus on the ceiling and the carpet to avoid faces! I also had my phone *stolen* by Meredith and Amber, and I had a whole raft of photos to post of them, dragons, and unfortunately me… rofl…

KJ Charles talked in her keynote speech about her history in editing, and we laughed… a lot… awesome talk.

So, this isn’t a huge post, but a big thank you to Charlie, Liam, Clare, Elin and JL… you worked so hard and you’ve been handed so many comments that are negative. I want you to know that this writer loved friends, and bums, and wine, and talking, and reading, and recommendations, and food, and laughter… and most of all, one hell of a lot of love.