Chris Quinton is my visitor today for Twelve Days of Christmas.

Chris is offering a copy of Undercover Blues, which received an honorable mention from this year's Rainbow Awards. Leave a comment here to enter the giveaway and the winner will be picked on December 26th at 6pm, GMT.

Question 1:    What is your favourite Christmas movie? 

Tim Burton's Nightmare
Before Christmas. We know all the songs and most of the dialogue off by heart,
and much family hilarity ensues. Of course, various types of alcohol are a

Question 2.       What is your best Christmas memory? 

Well, my son as a toddler, and grandsons at the same age, seeing the
decorations for the first time. Then there was the time we caught our little
black and white cat, Silvi, tugging on a length of tinsel, trying to drag the
Christmas tree under a chair. The tree was teetering on the edge of falling
when we rescued it. And yes, it was a small tree.

Question 3:     What is the best present you’ve received? 

A pressie from my husband – my first computer,
a second-hand Amstrad – green text on a blue [or was it black?] screen and a
whole 256 KB of memory, plus a floppy disk drive. I still have some of the
floppies somewhere.

Question 4:      What is the best present you’ve given? 

No idea.

Question 5:     Santa Claus – real or fake? 

Duh. Real, of course J

Question 6.    What is your favourite Christmas book? 

I have so many favourite
books throughout the year, it's hard to pick out one that says Christmas to me.

Question 7.     Do you like eggnog? 

No, not really. It's too sweet.

Question 8.      What do you eat at Christmas? 

My Low Carb diet [for T2 Diabetes] gets thrown out for one day, and we have a roast of some kind with all the
veggie trimmings, Yorkshire pud and stuffing. We're usually too full to manage

Question 9.      Be honest, when do you put up the Christmas tree? 

As close to The
Day as we can get away with. Usually a few days before.

Question 10.      When do you open your presents? 

Christmas morning after breakfast.

Question 11.      Do you have snow at Christmas? 

Gods, I hope not! It's very pretty
to look at from the warmth of a central-heated room, but not to be out in it.

Question 12.      What is the best – all-time – Christmas song. Ever!  

Merry Christmas Everyone by Slade, back in
1973.  You should have seen my 8 year old
son rockin' it out.

Undercover Blues by Chris Quinton

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