Today's visiting author is the awesomely talented Elin Gregory.

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Question 1.       What is your favourite Christmas movie? 

The Great Escape. Yeah, I know it’s not actually a Christmas movie but
it’s always on and I always make the effort to watch it. It’s fantastic
Question 2.       What is your best Christmas memory? 

Coming back from church on a crackling cold midnight with every star
blazing and the feeling that I was treading a path trodden for over a thousand
years. That’s a lot of good will.

Question 3.       What is the best present you’ve received? 

A few years back my family clubbed together to track down and buy and
extremely obscure book about the excavations at Olbia, a Greek colonial city in
what is now the Ukraine. I was astonished and touched that they had gone to so
much trouble.
Question 4. What
is the best present you’ve given? 

year my husband and I built an old fashioned rocking horse, complete with
beautiful glass eyes, mane and tail and proper harness and constructed a big
cardboard box to hide it. On Christmas Day the box was a HUGE success. The kids
played with it for months.
Question 5.       Santa Claus – real or fake? 

Are we speaking historically or
Question 6.      
What is your favourite
Christmas book? 

A Christmas Carol. All
the others stem from it whether by emulating it or by consciously rejecting it.
Also it’s good fun.

Question 7.  Do you like eggnog? 

What is eggnog? I see references to it all
the time around Christmas but I’ve never seen it. It doesn’t sound at all
Question 8.       What do you eat at Christmas? 

I can be bothered to cook. I don’t like the traditional Christmas dinner, but
we’re stuck with it on Christmas Day. However I do enjoy being creative with
the leftovers. Bubble and Squeak on boxing Day is an absolute must.
Question 9.       Be honest, when do you put up the Christmas tree? 

Himself won’t have the tree in the house
before Xmas Eve. A family tradition.
Question 10.      
When do you open your presents? 

Before lunch on Christmas Day. I go and
fetch my mother while himself puts the spuds in, give her a sherry and once
she’s settled we start.
Question 11. Do
you have snow at Christmas? 

No, never. A
bit on the ground occasionally, frost and sleet, but nothing like the Christmas
cards. I think the expectation might come from the swap from the Julian to the
Gregorian calendar in 1752 where we lost 11 days. There is often snow during
the first week of January so maybe the memory of snowy 18th century Christmases
 put the idea into the minds of the Victorian writers who invented

Question 12.      
What is the best – all-time –
Christmas song. Ever!  

Jona Lewie’s “Stop The Cavalry”. It never
fails to make me gulp as I contemplate all those people who serving overseas,
or having to work away from home, or who once had a happy home that they have
lost, will be spending this Christmas holiday alone. Alternatively I like Don’t Let the Bells
End by The Darkness because I dearly love a countertenor.