Hi – I’m Tris Merlin – UK writer of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Romance.

For Valentine’s Day I have a new steampunk short story, Flight of the Clockwork Angels with cover art by the fabulous Reese Dante.

Once Yvo are Tielo were lovers…

“We'd lived in the Age of Discovery. The Age of Steam. Now we faced each other two centuries away from our younger twenty-one-year old selves, scions of rival houses, who had dared to fall in love.”

Tielo is a gentleman artificer, an artist, sculptor and inventor. Yvo is an assassin. Forced into a political marriage to end a feud, he falls in love with Tielo, his bride’s brother. It’s never going to end well.

Tielo dreams of a future where they can be together…

“I wish we could just grow wings and fly away.”
But Yvo is tied to the Steel City by bonds he can’t escape.

* * * * *

“We had thought ourselves safe. We'd found a refuge from the world. A room filled with cushions and a single bed that was never too small for the two of us where the sunlight played across the floor and we shared kisses, wine, and love. The tower—close to the city walls—looked out across the empty plains to the known boundaries of the empire and the wild lands that lay beyond.

I remember Tielo holding me one night when the moon was setting—some hours before the dawn when we knew we'd both have to return to our real lives. I stood in his arms, naked, warmed by his touch and the flame that burned within us.

He was excited, flushed and not only from the wine. He kissed me and then said, “If I could ‘take you away from all this' would you come?”

It was a crazy question and he knew it. There was no escape from the steel city. If we fled to the wild lands we would die.

“I hear tell there's a colony,” he said. “Several days out. Real people. No constructs.”

“Squalor, disease, and death,” I said. “No enhancements. No factories. No repairs.”

“Freedom,” he said.

“You always were an idealist. They'd send the hounds.”

“And you think we couldn't outrun them?”

“No one ever has.”

* * * * *

Can there be a happy ending in their future or are Yvo and Tielo doomed to meet forever across the centuries until finally Yvo’s clockwork heart runs down? 

Flight of the Clockwork Angels is available from Silver Publishing | Amazon 


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Both Yvo and Tielo could use a little love.

Tris Merlin