I met Meredith Russell in 2007, back when LiveJournal was cool and Sam and Dean were still written as brothers who cared and not strangers who have gone off script (ROFL).

If you aske her she will recall how I stalked her in 2008, but that there was a reason. I adored her writing so much. Then from stalking we became friends. Thing is Meredith Russell, as she is known now was also a brilliant bringer together of *banners*. I wish I had an example to show you of the early days.

Whenever I started writing my new stories the first person who would know was Meredith. For three reasons… 1) because we IM'd ALL the time and still do, and 2) because I would creep around her until she made me a banner. 3) She loved doing it (yes, Meredith, you did… *coughs*)

These banners were just as ooohed and aaaahed over as the fics and I was lucky that I had the best banner maker as my friend. She made me my very first banner for my very first fan fiction story *Sanctuary* (of course this fan fiction idea became the loose inspiration for Guarding Morgan!).

I found the post for chapter 1 and the screen print shows the now empty space where the art used to be… I wonder if I can get Meredith to find the art work… now that would be a blast from the past!

Cover Artist Day

After the success of Thank Your Editor day, I though I would make today a Thank Your Cover Artist day…

When I moved to writing MM I knew absolutely that there are very distinct elements in presenting a story. When a new reader has only a few minutes and a few lines to decide on a new author they will probably look at the things I identified through reading and writing fan fiction.

  • Recommendation / Reviews
  • Cover Art
  • Title
  • Story blurb

In the very visual world we live in the cover art to a book is absolutely vital. From Texas to Heroes, Gallows Tree to Deefur Dog, Meredith has worked her magic on some bloody awesome covers.

So which is your favourite Meredith Russell cover for me (see the picture below!)? Comment here and win a set of signed postcards of Meredith's covers for my books… (I could even get Ms Russell to sign them as well!)