Oh this one was so hard. I love writing the rough and tough cowboys, and of course you will all know one of them. Jack Campbell-Hayes is an obvious inclusion on my list and as I listed him as one of my favorite Alpha Males in a previous *best of* post I thought I would think of three more. So you get four for the price of three.

Nate Todd – Montana Series, Book 1 – Crooked Tree Ranch

Another obvious choice. He is the perfect rancher, a former bull rider, and really not putting up with any shit from the city boy who falls in his lap. Literally.

He is all about the horses, and family, and would do anything for either. He is gruff, socially rusty, but he has a focused determined heat about him that I adored.

Micah Lennox – Whisper Ridge Series, Book 1 – Winter Cowboy

One of my more recent books this man left his land to find work elsewhere, chased from town not just by what he did but by how he felt about it. When he returns he is devastated to see the mess that is left and resolves to make everything right. He is a cowboy to his core, his love for the land is only second to family, and moving home is hard and at the same time, very natural.

Robbie – Texas Series, First appears in Texas Heat, book 3

OMG Robbie, the Aussie/US cowboy who quietly does his job and backs up Jack. I love this man, with his firm love for Eli, for working so damn hard, and just for always being there. He helps with horses, family, teaching, you name it and he's there doing it. The perfect cowboy really.

MM Romance, Montana Series, Crooked Tree Ranch, RJ Scott, Gay RomanceCrooked Tree Ranch (Montana #1)

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When a cowboy, meets the guy from the city, he can’t know how much things will change.  

On the spur of the moment, with his life collapsing around him, Jay Sullivan answers an ad for a business manager with an expertise in marketing, on a dude ranch in Montana.

With his sister, Ashley, niece, Kirsten and nephew, Josh, in tow, he moves lock stock and barrel from New York to Montana to start a new life on Crooked Tree Ranch.

Foreman and part owner of the ranch, ex rodeo star Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Todd has been running the dude ranch, for five years ever since his mentor Marcus Allen became ill.His brothers convince him that he needs to get an expert in to help the business grow. He knows things have to change and but when the new guy turns up, with a troubled family in tow – he just isn’t prepared for how much.

RJ Scott, MM Romance, Gay RomanceWinter Cowboy (Whisper Ridge, Wyoming #1)

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Micah Lennox left Whisper Ridge after promising the man he loved that he would never return. But the only way he knows to keep his pregnant sister and nephew safe is to go home. Spending winter in Wyoming opens too many old wounds, but he’s on the run from justice which can’t be far behind, and this is his last chance at redemption.

After a hostage situation leaves Doctor Daniel Sheridan struggling with PTSD, he returns to Whisper Ridge. Joining his dad in family practice is a balm to soothe his exhausted soul, and somehow, he finds a peace he can live with. That is until he meets Micah in a frozen graveyard, and the years of anger and feelings of betrayal boiling inside him, erupt.

Two broken men fight and scratch for their lives and that of their families, and somehow, in the middle of it all, they find each other.

Is it possible that love can be rekindled and become a forever to believe in?

Texas Heat MM Romance RJ Scott Audio Cowboys Ranches blackmailed into marriageTexas Heat (Texas #3)

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Riley and Jack Campbell-Hayes are in a good place. Jack is expanding the DD and training quarter horses, Riley is so close to his first ethical based contract that he can almost taste it and Hayley is nearly ten and happy as all out.

Jack hires Robbie, a man recovering from a great loss, to be his right hand man. Meanwhile Riley’s flamboyant mischievous photographer friend, Eli, decides the DD is the perfect backdrop for a cowboy themed model shoot. Eli has secrets not even Riley knows about but despite what he is hiding he falls in lust with Robbie at first sight. Everyone except Robbie can see how perfect Eli would be for him.

What happens when secrets spill and lies are discovered? And just how far will Riley and Jack go to play matchmaker?

Against the backdrop of twenty half naked models on DD land, and in the midst of fighting the oil establishment that just won’t give Riley a chance, Texas Heat is the story of one hot summer in Texas with a Gay Rodeo, a bar fight at the Rusty Nail, humor, angst and a love between two men that just grows stronger every day.