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In a world where magic is rare, Joseph Jamieson is one of the most powerful holders of power. Orophin Tiwele, or Phin to his friends, is the son of the Elf King and has magic of his own. The rules say two supernatural beings with magic cannot be together and Joseph and Phin have lived by that rule despite their attraction to each other.

The resistance is growing larger each day, but traitors threaten everything Joseph has built. He wants peace, but soon comes to realize the way to peace, is through war.

When the only thing that will save lives is Joseph and Phin working together, it becomes impossible to see where magic and passion end and where love could begin.

“….From the opening paragraph, the action is thrilling and nearly
continuous, with torture, grand rescues, hidden secrets, and secret
loves being revealed as well as the beginnings of prophecy fulfillment.
R.J. Scott's writing is exciting and her characters are
three-dimensional with pasts and presents that are interesting … The
series is fun and I look forward to reading the next book. Recommended
for fantasy fans!….”

Supernatural Bounty Hunters Series

Book 1 – The Vampire Contract
Book 2 – The Guilty Werewolf
Book 3 – The Warlock's Secret
Book 4 – The Demon's Blood
Book 5 – The Incubus Agenda
Book 6 – The Third Kingdom

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Long and Short Reviews – 4/5 – “….The many twists and turns in this story kept me glued to the pages until the very end and left me wanting more. This well crafted series is a must for any fantasy fan….”

Literary Nymph Reviews4.5/5 – “….RJ Scott has created another amazing installment to this incredibly enjoyable series, which is best read in sequence…..”

Mrs. Condit Reads Books – 5/5 – “….I adore this series and eagerly await each new book and highly recommend it for anyone who loves epic fantasy novels filled with heroes and villains and an intensely woven plot….”

The To Be Read Pile – 4/5 – “….From the opening paragraph, the action is thrilling and nearly continuous, with torture, grand rescues, hidden secrets, and secret loves being revealed as well as the beginnings of prophecy fulfillment. R.J. Scott's writing is exciting and her characters are three-dimensional with pasts and presents that are interesting … The series is fun and I look forward to reading the next book. Recommended for fantasy fans!…”

Manic Readers Review4/5 – “….The Warlock’s Secret is for anyone with a love of the paranormal and magic. Ms. Scott wove a wonderful story of heartbreak and determination. The Warlock’s Secret was a real page turner in that you could not wait to find out what happened next…”

Sensual Reads – “….A variety of secrets come to life in The Warlock’s Secret.  R.J. Scott continues to weave a story filled with treachery and deceit, danger and suspense.  Each story gradually unfolds pieces of the plot and we are left wanting more.   The Supernatural Bounty Hunters series is becoming more and more captivating and intriguing.  It is hard to wait to see what happens next.  And that is the true mark of a gifted storyteller – one who knows how to keep the audience enthralled….”


Phin watched Micah and Connor from the cover of the trees for some time. That was, until Connor sniffed the air and turned his way, then he knew he had to step out.

“What do you want?” he snapped irritably. “I’ve had Declan and Levi tracking me to the west and you two here. I’m not going back to listen to Joseph’s crap anymore.” He exhaled heavily. Why he was being so careful not to use his magic to evade this childish hunting game escaped him. He should just port out of here and find a place where the resistance, the hunters, and most of all Joseph, didn’t get up in his face. It was bad enough he’d had to explain himself to his father after he’d sent Asher home near death.

“It’s Joseph,” Micah said. “He’s missing.”

“He’s probably up a mountain communing with nature,” Phin dismissed. Despite hearing something off in Micah’s voice, he wasn’t getting involved. Joseph had this way of finding trouble, then evading it at the last minute. He’d be fine.

“Tell him,” Connor said firmly.

Phin crossed his arms over his chest. He didn’t like Connor’s tone. It suggested Micah was reluctant to tell him something.

“Tell me what?” he asked suspiciously.

Micah sighed. “We need your help. Joseph used magic to create a portal to get inside Glitnir.”

Phin dropped his stance of stubbornness and allowed his shock to come to the forefront. He stepped closer to Micah who, to his credit, didn’t move. “What the hell?” Phin shouted. “You know he shouldn’t…we shouldn’t…” He was lost for words. There was a reason they didn’t use their powers near anything to do with Glitnir. Supernaturals with magic were sought after and placed in hiding for their own protection. No one with the kind of skills inside them that he and Joseph had, would be allowed to be free of Glitnir interference.

“We were in the old library,” Micah said, “and he stayed behind and closed the portal.”

“Why would he do that?” Phin demanded. “Did he want to be trapped? Is he suicidal? Hell Micah. Why didn’t you stop him?” Very real fear built inside him. Joseph was inside Glitnir—and he’d used magic? He wouldn’t wish that combination on anyone if anyone had found out. Why hadn’t Joseph just got out? Where was he? None of this could be good.

“I couldn’t stop him,” Micah snapped. “We were discovered. We barricaded the door, he opened the portal, I went through with Levi, and he shut the connection down so no one could follow us.”

“Why did you even let him go there in the first place?” Phin stood right up in front of Micah and, despite having to look up at the vampire, he had Micah backing a step away.

“No one lets Joseph do anything,” Connor defended. He moved to stand between Phin and Micah and his tone and body language stopped Phin’s growing anger in its tracks.

Micah shook his head. “What’s done is done,” he said. “We need to get him out.”

Phin shook his head. “We can’t. He’s on his own.” Phin watched as Micah and Connor exchanged glances. What now? He knew he should have spent more time wandering the forest and less time leaving trails for Connor and Declan to follow. He’d been having fun playing with the two wolf shifters, but evidently Micah wanted him to get serious.

“We found something,” Micah started.

“A journal,” Connor interrupted.

Micah nodded. “A vampire journal. The one mentioned in the prophesies that say it will come to the twins from the royal line of the Sinclairs—”

Connor interrupted. “The prophesy about how one of them will have magic and that twin will lead an army for change.”

Phin felt like he was watching Micah and Joseph when they were together. Connor and Micah were evidently in synch given they kept finishing each other’s sentences. He held up a hand to stop them doing that back and forth in the explanation.

“Connor, you’d best go and find Declan. I left him circling a chalk pit last I saw him. Bring him and Levi here.”

Connor opened his mouth to protest, but a gentle touch from Micah’s hand on his arm had him stripping, shifting, and running the direction Phin indicated. Suddenly tired and needing to sit, Phin walked to the nearest fallen tree and perched himself on one end. He crossed his legs, then with a wave of his hand, indicated Micah should sit opposite.

Micah didn’t argue and the vampire began to talk as soon as he sat down. “The Journal Of Days was what Joseph was looking for at the Vampire Clan’s Council house. It wasn’t there, but he tracked it to Glitnir.”

“Why do you think this journal is so important?” Phin knew a little about vampire society, and he’d heard the prophesies, otherwise he wouldn’t be here alongside Joseph and Micah in this Underground they’d set up. He just hadn’t thought the journal mentioned in the prophesy would ever be found. Just the mention of Joseph again had fear curling inside him. What the hell made the idiot think going into Glitnir was a good thing.

Micah sighed heavily. “When Glitnir was first created and the vamps, werewolves, and the fae all held council, no one wanted the vampires to be part of it.”

“I recall reading that somewhere.”

“What most supernaturals don’t know is that this journal was a way of the vampires placating the others. The wolves and fae were concerned about the vampires creating a whole race of blood demons tied to them as donors, and about the fact they killed indiscriminately. The Vampire Clans Council agreed to have a book that contained, in detail, the workings of the council. It would automatically mark every action by a vampire and be proof in case the fae and the wolves suspected the vamps were planning to overthrow them and take Glitnir as theirs.”

“Every vampire action?”

Micah sighed. “Anything deemed important. The journal was spelled and locked and it was never to be removed from the vault. In fact it could only be opened by these mythical twins from the prophesies and only at the time of real need. Together.”