I have had some lovely reviews on The Summer House, but this one just jumped out at me… from a reader on Amazon.com… A review from a reader is just as vital asone from a reviewer or blogger, and I love every single one of them. So thank you to Bo, who left this wonderful review, which I paste here untouched.

Wonderful Series Opener
By Bo on June 8, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

When RJ Scott decides to create a new set of characters and weave them into a series, watch out! You will be screaming at her and her publisher as the end of the first book to get on with it, already–give us more!

What a bunch of English city mouse/country mouse characters this one tosses at us. The sweet natured, but distinctly uptight, tall, blond, broad shouldered gay but not rainbow waving village veterinarian, Connor Lawson; and the cheeky, athletic, openly gay, rakish, promiscuous, and not-to-be-denied Ashby Sterling-Haynes. Both are perfectly portrayed on the cover.

This one sneaks around and lets you into Connor's head, but not all the way there to explain why he is so antagonistic to rich gay boys. However, it does not pussyfoot around when it comes to describing the Sterling-Haynes family, which turns out to be somewhat more level headed than one would expect from such a titled and apparently very loaded clan.

Along the way we come to know Connor's best friend, Rachel, who sets the tone for the book right in the first chapter, and one or two other village characters, including two who will become the subjects of the next one in the series.

You will laugh, you will wipe away a tear or two, you will want to strangle Connor and Ash every once in a while, but you will sail right through this one like you will most of Scott's books–and come away with an appetite for more, which she is promising us. Damn good idea.

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