Bookaholics not so anonymous 5 plus stars – The Rancher's Son is one of my top reads this year. Five-plus stars. ♥

Ethan and Adam's story flowed easily, but it was never rushed, allowing the anticipation to build as the memories trickled in and then would stall and then would hit at unexpected moments.

Rainbow Book Reviews – I can’t wait for the next volume

If you like family drama, mystery, and the gradual discovery of the truth, if two men reunited after a long separation and loss of memory sound exciting, and if you’re looking for a suspenseful read with complicated characters, stressful family relationships, and plenty of twists and turns, then you will probably like this novel. I can’t wait for the next volume – that was a clever twist right there at the end, RJ. Way to maintain the suspense!

Urban Smoothie Read – I need Book 3 now! 

By this point I'm very intrigued with the mystery of Adam and Justin. What happened to the boys 12 years ago? Why did someone tried to kill Adam?

Multitasking Momma's 4/5 – a truly romantic read

Entertainment wise, this is a truly romantic read and does tell the enduring love Ethan has for Adam and vice versa. Compared to the first book, I think I enjoyed this more. I especially liked how the author walked the reader through Adam's recovery, giving us a hint of how he felt and thought when something strange is familiar and what he thought familiar was not truly that. The story developed very well, for Adam's story, but for the rest, well not so well. What I do know is I need that third book now so I can get closure for this mystery is getting deeper and I need the answers.

The Blogger Girls 4.5/5 – probably my favorite R.J. Scott to date. I loved it from beginning to end

This story and mystery grabbed me from the beginning, and I could not put it down. I needed to know what happened to Adam and Justin; I needed Adam to remember Ethan; and I needed it now. It was a great telling, it was full of tension and intrigue, but it wasn’t fast.

Bella's Blog 5/5 – R.J.Scott has done such amazing job writing this very touching story

 I highly recommend that you read this fabulous series, because you won't be disappointed.

Wicked Reads 5/5 I really enjoyed this book, it was so good I didn’t want to put it down, I had to keep reading.

The Rancher's Son is an engaging story and the mystery of why these boys disappeared keeps the book moving at a good pace.

Xtreme Delusions 5/5 – I wish I could give this one more than 5 stars

This story hit every one of my buttons. There’s suspense, mystery and it evoked all of my emotions. At times I had tears running down my face but I also smiled a lot.

Life, Books, and More 4.5/5 Never give up hope…

The tension, both of not knowing and between Adam and Ethan, kept you on the edge of your seat, wanting to discover the truth but also not wanting their story to end.

Making It Happen 5/5 – The Rancher's Son is my definition of unputdownable.

Everything about this book drew me in, and it is written so the flow is smooth and almost hypnotic to keep you buried deep in the story.  The characters have depth, and I loved seeing the returning characters from the first book of the series.

The Geekery Book Review 4.5/5 – This series is quickly becoming a favorite for me and I can’t wait for more!
I LOVED this story! I was so curious to see what was going to happen with this group and I have to say that R.J. Scott blew my expectations out of the water! This story wasn’t as much about the ‘romance’ but more about healing, love and hope.

Archeolibrarian 5/5 – Emotional, exciting, slow-burner, this book has it all.

You are not left wanting anything more from these two. HOWEVER, you are left wanting a whole lot more of the full story as it promises to be a good one, with nail-biting twists and intrigue aplenty.

Jewel Book Lover 5/5 – This series is becoming more and more enthralling.

The twists and turns in the story are engaging. The mystery kept my attention until the end of the book, but the main focus is on Adam’s recovery and his relationship with Ethan.

Cathy Writes Romance – I do not feel you have to read them in order though both books are excellent so why not! 

If you like ranchers, policeman, angsty stories, romance, surprising twists and some sensual man-sex you will love this book!


This book, the second in the Montana series, had me laughing, crying, and then gasping in shock.

Wicked Faerie's Tales and Reviews 4/5 – The romance is a slow burn second chance romance between Ethan and Adam. 

The pacing was perfect from the first paragraph, the characters worked well together, and the story was engaging and kept you coming back for more.

Jim's Blog 5/5 – This book is a definite 5 on the 1-5 scale. Read it. You won't be disappointed.
One if the things I was surprised to see that with the interaction of the characters who are the primary focus of this book, more depth is added to the existing characters.

Lustful Literature 4.5/5 – From the beginning to the very end I was captivated by the storyline

The chemistry between them is undeniable and seriously nothing hotter than when characters have no qualms about sitting there and watching porn together.
Prism Book Alliance 5/5 – The only thing left to say is hurry up with the next one

It was impossible to put the book down as I raced towards the ending trying to see what happened and if everyone was ok – yet at the same time I didn’t want it to end so quickly.
United Indie Book Blog 5/5 I can't wait for the next book to come out.
So many question with no answers and its going to take a while to get any answers with Adams memory gone. 
Nicole's Book Musings 4/5  There is a lot of reconnecting between characters.

We get a huge twist at the end that gives you hope.  

Foxylutely Books 5/5 – This series is a great romantic suspense with plenty of angst, emotive play but also lots of passion and lust!

This was a great read full of mystery and suspense but also lots of heartfelt emotions and love. 

Bayou Book Junkie 5/5 – Highly recommendable! 

It was emotional, heart-breaking and hopeful, it was also fast-paced…
Alpha Book Club 5/5 – 5 Stars!! For a romance and a mystery all in one!!
R.J. Scott did a great job adding some twists and turns in this story, with slow gradual revelations that you won't see coming and a simmering romance builds between Adam and Ethan at the same time.

I read what I what to 4/5  This book has a really good pace and the mystery was suspenseful.
So I very much appreciate books that focus on the plot and emotional relationship of the characters, rather than the physical aspects of their relationship.

Crystal's Many Reviewers 5/5 A must read, I absolutely can’t wait for the next book!

Ethan is the man everyone always wants in their corner he is strong and willing to stand up for what’s right and will hold you for as long as you need.