If I could give it more than 5/5 I would…. rofl

IMDB Entry for the film

A wonderful escape into Middle Earth with camaraderie, bromance, love and danger…

Martin Freeman as Bilbo. I love Martin Freeman and he has a particular way of acting and I was a little worried that Martin's depiction of Bilbo would be ‘Martin doing an impression of someone called Bilbo'.

I soon realised that he had upped his game tremendously and he became Bilbo for me.

The dwarves… I think the studio missed a HUGE marketing initiative here… there are too many photos and posters around of odd looking dwarves doing stupid things… and having seen Snow White and the Huntsman and absolutely hating it I was expecting a repeat. I was so wrong.

Richard Armitage – Thorin

Yes they did stupid stuff but as soon as they stood in front of Bilbo's fire and sang a lament I was HOOKED. There was love between them, and a common goal, and Richard Armitage as Thorin was just bloody awesome. Add in the stunning Aidan Turner as Kili and I could see bromance throughout the whole group.

These dwarves loved each other and would die for each other. The moment with the Storm giants when Fili and Kili are separated is heartbreaking. The dwarves are not there as light relief; they light up the screen with their intense relationships and camaraderie.

As usual Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf was just so well done. He is Gandalf to me and his character's absolute faith in the courage of the Hobbit is just perfect.

Gollum was even better rendered in this film I think as we see him in the shadows under the mountain.

Aidan Turner – Kili 

We get to see the Elves and there is inclusion of back story, especially for the fall of Erebor and of Thorin's family, that were stories or back story that were small parts of the written book. Very well done.

A friend told me that even though she loved the immersion in the world and the film, that there was kind of a nothing plot and I suppose I went in with the thought that it could never be as good as the LOTR films.

See, I loved the LOTR trilogy so much and add in spreading a small book over three films and I couldn't understand how it would work. I was ready to be disappointed.

The eye of Smaug

It worked. It worked REALLY well. There was danger, excitement, humour, brotherly love and enough stunning landscapes to make the film stunning. The story had a natural break and the eye of Smaug echoed the eye of Sauron… beautiful…I am so excited for film two which I imagine will be out next Christmas.


Out of the frying pan and into the fire…. I remember reading The Hobbit as a child and my dad explaining what this meant to me… made me smile and sad…