Tomorrow, 16 May, is the official release date for Il miracolo di Natale, the Italian translation of one of my favourite stories, The Christmas Throwaway.

This means that one of my best selling books (and probably most reviewed!) is now available in four languages and I am absolutely blown away by this fact.

It feels really special.

Added to which BitterGrace Art took the original cover and created three beautiful new covers for the translations.

* * * * *

Originally these were only appearing on Amazon. This was because ARe etc wouldn't show the rest of their site in a specific language. However, due to public demand these translations are now on All Romance in ePub and PDF (as well as Mobi!).

All the All Romance files are here.

Watch my website for a competition to win a gift voucher tomorrow (Friday 16th)

Little known fact… Did you know that The Christmas Throwaway was the Best selling book on All Romance for 2010?