*Waves hi to Meredith*

RJ: Congratulations on your second book in the Lone Wolf Trilogy.

The Bad Wolf is out today at eXtasy Books (Buy Link). I loved the first book, The Good Wolf, and I loved the second book just as much. In particular the fact the characters from book 1 feature in book 2 as well, and we find out what happened to characters mentioned in book 1.

MR: Hello and thank you *waves back*

RJ: I think you caused a stir with book 1. It’s not all cuddly wolves tucked up in puppy-piles in front of a fire is it! 

MR: No it really isn’t.

RJ: Mrs Condit gave you 5/5 for The Good Wolf, and said “…Gruesome. Brutal. Fierce. These are werewolves that, when in wolf form, behave like bloodthirsty wolves. They are nasty and as unpleasant as creatures can be. When Mason is surprised by the true nature of his college friend and bitten, he is determined not to be *that* kind of werewolf. So he lives a reclusive life, avoiding the company of others in order not to spread his cursed existence. …” (Full Review)
So what made you decide to write something so beautifully raw? What was your inspiration?

MR: As people might know I am a big horror fan be it zombies, werewolves or anything else. I’m inspired by those kinds of movies and TV shows. I wanted to write what I love and to show werewolves actually being werewolves. It hurts when they change, they become monsters, given a chance they would actually rip your head off and take a good nibble. The darker side isn’t always shown in romance novels and though I wanted to write about men falling in love, I also wanted it to be true to old school werewolf lore.

RJ: I actually think your wolves are incredibly sexy. You dig deep into the psyche of what it could be like finding yourself as a new wolf in a very different way than I have read before. Your wolf shifters are very real in an earthy base kind of way. Did you worry that people may not like your take on the wolf shifter world?

MR: When I was writing it, no, I didn’t think about people not taking to the world I was creating, though like with everything there were going to be people who did and didn’t like it. I guess I was caught up in the story and having fun playing with the different rules/lores that are out there. It wasn’t really until afterwards when people seemed surprised that, you know, they were actual monstrous werewolves that I thought… oh yeah, a lot of the stuff out there isn’t like what I’ve written about and the werewolf/shifter thing is used differently and I suppose as more of a ‘kink’ type thing.

RJ: In book 1 we find out the mythology behind how a *wolf* is made by bite, but book 2 deals with a new facet of the whole werewolf world. Can you explain a bit more (without giving away the whole story that is!)

MR: Yeah, Book 1 was all about Mason and Niall’s struggle after being bitten, looking for a way to control it, and eventually making peace with ‘the curse’. Book 2 introduces us to Evan and Michael. Evan (who we met in The Good Wolf) again is a werewolf cursed by a bite and Michael we learn early on was actually born a werewolf. We learn he was taken from his family at a young age and has grown up not really understanding how he is different from the other werewolves he’s around. So, The Bad Wolf focuses on both Evan’s and Michael’s growth separately and then of them coming together to help each other. So in my world there are the two kinds of werewolf (and a slight twist to it all by the end).

RJ: I saw that MM Good Book Reviews gave you 4.5/5 and said “…I loved this story for the visceral feel to it, the unapologetic way it shows the werewolves as nasty and the darker haunting way that Mason has dealt with it. … I recommend this gem to those who love base werewolves, fighting instinct and urges, a battle for life, destroying the evil and finding a happiness that was never expected.” (Full Review).

I couldn’t agree more with this review. I love the HEA in The Bad Wolf. Does all your writing culminate in a Happy Ever After?
MR: Short answer…yes. I like happy endings and though I have crazy ideas about keeping my men apart or killing my leading men off, I just can’t do it and don’t think I ever will. Be it a zombie apocalypse or beach-love in Sapphire Cay, after everything my men go through to be together, all those words I’ve written and someone’s read, I think there deserves to be a happy ending. Of course, secondary characters are all fair game *evil grin*

RJ: I would NEVER kill a secondary character… oh apart from Alex’s bf in Oracle… and… Riley’s brother… oh okay, I’ll let you off…

MR: My problem is usually the case I write these characters so I can kill someone off, but then I fall in love with them *points at Kerry in Dead Things*

RJ: I love Kerry in Dead Things. In fact I love Dead Things… But that is a whole other interview! Tell me, can you give us any gossip about book three in The Lone Wolf trilogy? What is it going to be called? Who does it feature? 

MR: Book 3 is about Doctor Oliver Anderson, who you do meet in The Bad Wolf. There’s a different feel to his story and he’ll be paired with a human, someone who does get a sneaky mention as well in The Bad Wolf. But blink and you’ll miss it. The working title is The Ugly Wolf, so we will have had the Good, the Bad and, yep, the Ugly as a set. But whether I go with something else, I’ll decide once I get stuck in.

RJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat… ‘cause we never get to chat do we… ROFL…

MR: Thank you for having me 🙂

RJ: Can I stop being nice to you now?

MR: This was you being nice?

RJ: Yep. For the whole of the last half hour… that is twenty eight minutes longer than I would be able to keep it going with Amber Kell…

MR: Then yes you can stop now because I can imagine the pain it has caused you .

RJ: Love you…. really… 

MR: Love you too.


*Competition closed* And the winner is Elayne! Congratulations…

The Books

Book 1 – The Good Wolf (http://www.extasybooks.com/the-good-wolf/)

Sometimes the only way to let love in is to let the wolf in, too.
Ten years ago, Mason fell for his best friend while at university. Little did he know just two years later, that same friend would turn his world upside down in a way Mason could never have imagined. Now, he lives a cursed life. Living in solitude, Mason does everything he can to keep people away, not only for his safety, but for theirs, too. The night of the full moon. Niall has no idea he's a werewolf, but fate brings him and Mason together. A trick of the moon or something deeper, the men are drawn to each other. Together they must find a way to deal with what has happened to them both. But first Mason must learn to trust Niall and realize being alone is not always for the best.

Book 2 – The Bad Wolf (http://www.extasybooks.com/the-bad-wolf/)
The journey to become a better man isn’t easy, especially when there’s something worth fighting for.
Evan has been alone since Kaine’s death, moving from place to place, and for the most part, keeping to himself. He never expected to cross paths with Mason and Niall again. When he gets caught up in something bigger than himself, he is left injured, scared, and with nowhere else to turn.

Michael is like no wolf Evan has ever met before. Born a werewolf, Michael is stronger and faster, but has yet to truly tap into his abilities. Taken in by Mason and Niall, Michael struggles to come to terms with the horrific events in his past and the loss of his family. In Evan, Michael finds an unexpected focus. And despite warnings of Evan’s own dark past, Michael finds Evan to be someone worth fighting for, and someone who can help him understand exactly what he is capable of.

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Meredith Russell lives in the heart of England. An avid fan of many story genres, she enjoys nothing less than a happy ending. She believes in heroes and romance and strives to reflect this in her writing. Sharing her imagination and passion for stories and characters is a dream Meredith is excited to turn into reality.

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