I once participated in Nanowrimo (Nation Novel Writing Month). I wrote Back Home which was originally with an old publisher and is now with Totally Bound.

I haven't done it since, 2012 was the Silver nightmare and last year was the start of my burnout which lasted until February this year…

So, it has come to November and I realise actually there is no wriggle room in my schedule to stop and write something different to what I had planned… so this is my November writing list:

Angel In A Bookshop – 40,000 words
Alpha book with not title as yet for AllRomance – 20,000

So, my targets for writing are 10k above Nanowrimo. Potentially 20 working days in November, 60,000 words = 3,000 words a day. I can do this, it appears to be a nice level amount of words that I can accomplish in a day… so fingers crossed. There will also be some editing on Texas 6, and maybe even some additional writing.

December early is my MLR storm book, but I am hoping to get some of that into November as well… What I might do is use my Nano profile to keep an eye on word count.

Are you doing Nano this year?

If you are and you want to buddy then my user name is  RJScott – http://nanowrimo.org/participants/rjscott/novels