To celebrate the release of Forever in the Sun, book 6 in the Sapphire Cay series, Love Lane is releasing books 1-3 as a special bundle. Normally retailing at $8.97 (3x$2.99), all three are bundled for $4.98. That's 101 000 words and a 33% saving!

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Follow The Sun
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Dylan is a free spirit running from a life he doesn't want, Lucas is a businessman killing himself slowly with long days and seven day weeks at work. When the workaholic meets the beach bum how can they see eye to eye, let alone fall in love? 

Sapphire Cay – such a romantic setting

Under The Sun
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When the over the top wedding planner Edward shows up and practically has an aneurysm, Jamie will either kill him or fall for him. How could anyone not love a slightly OCD, flamboyant wedding planner, who carries his diary near and dear to his heart and a hot stud of an ex-Marine?

Who can resist a hot marine and a sexy wedding planner finding love in a romantic settings?
Chase The Sun
Six years ago, Adam broke Scott's heart, but now he's back in Scott's life and Scott is rightly suspicious. Is it a case of second chances? Or will history repeat itself?
The first step to loving Adam is to forgive him.

COMING 14th August, the final book in the series…


This bundle, of Volume 1 edition, is a fantastic way of reading the series filled with sweet romance between men and their lovers in Sapphire Cay. At the time I read these, I had to wait for each instalment release. This was a sweeter read for me because the stories were read back to back and realized just now, they flowed right next to each other. Something that I failed to appreciate when these were read separately. Read the rest here